[EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS] Blackburn 4 – 3 Arsenal: Watch All The Action

By on September 18, 2011

It was looking good for Arsenal at half time. They had conceded a goal, but were winning thanks to two goals from a pair of their new signings, Gervinho and Mikel Arteta. A club who were strong mentally and had a defence good enough to stop Premier League attacks would have held on resiliently to this lead. However, it proved to be the same old Arsenal as has been seen this season.

Two goals from set pieces and one from a counter attack which lead to a Koscielny own goal saw Arsenal lose their 1 – 2 lead and sacrifice it to Blackburn Rovers, a side bottom of the Premier League table before kick-off. It was a disaster which ended with a Marouane Chamackh goal which meant very little.

After Arsenal’s win against Swansea and draw to Borussia Dortmund, it was suggested that the team had turned a corner in the season; that they would get back on track and start playing like they should be. It turns out Wenger’s side missed the turning and are stuck on a roundabout in which losses are becoming a regularity.

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