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Football Betting: Cashing-In On The Premier League

Here we look at the different kinds of betting options that are available at online bookmakers these days, making it easier for you to cash-in on football

The English Premier League is easily the most popular football league in the world and its popularity has led to more and more people engaging in betting on these games to try and profit on their knowledge. The internet is full of information, data and useful stats that might help someone to develop their betting tactics and try to improve their chances of winning. Websites like dafabet regularly publish latest news stories for the English Premier League which gives you the chance to keep up-to-date and increase your knowledge allowing you to make a more informed betting decision. It is one of the most respected websites in Thailand and the Asian area and it is your place for quality articles, news and magazines.

There are a whole variety of betting options for you out there and it is up to you to try to take that advantage and make sure you choose a winning selection. These days you can find managerial records, stats and great odds for you to bet on. One match can give you over/under, corners, kick-off, yellow cards, outline bets and half-time results offers, so there is literally something for everyone. Here are a few betting types that may be of interest:


Over or under indicates the number of goals that will be scored by a single team in the game or alternatively you can bet on the total number of goals scored in the game by both teams. In order to gain more control of this bet, checking out stats for the teams involved is crucial to see how often each side tends to score 2 or more goals per game. Depending on the opponent, you can see whether they usually start well and score early or wait until later in the second half, and this may influence what selection you make if you’re betting on under/over at half-time and full-time.


Handicap betting is something we can also find at sites like dafabet and it’s become an ever-more popular form of betting these days. It’s main premise revolves around the underdog of the match in question and gives that team the initial advantage. So for example you can back Sunderland at +2 against Man Utd meaning that United would have to win by 3 goals to win that match. It may sound easy but it’s actually incredibly difficult to determine by what margin a favourite will win a game, which is why you can often get very tempting odds in the handicap market.

Correct score

Certainly one of the most exciting ways to bet is on the correct score. Predicting a win for a team usually follows up with predicting the correct scoreline and this is one of the most traditional forms of football betting. On sites like dafabet you can find practically any result to bet on and the odds will vary depending on a number of factors, but obviously the more unlikely the scoreline the higher the odds.

Betting on the Premier League in countries like Thailand can be quite entertaining and the various different betting options certainly add to the value of the bet and give huge opportunities for the bettor to win money. However, many betting sites might decide to reassess how they compile their odds, especially after a very turbulent season in English Premier League where Leicester City ripped up the form book to storm to a stunning title win.

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