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Most Likely Football Bets Placed That Went The Other Way

Here we take a look at some examples of football bets that defied all odds to come in for some lucky punters.

Louis van Gaal man utd

Many of us enjoy placing a little wager whether it is on the lottery, a sporting event or one of the many top rated casino sites. Betting should generally be for fun, while it is a nice bonus if your bet comes in and you win some cash, you should generally not expect to or rely on winning a bet. Sometimes a bet is so popular, appearing to be a foregone conclusion that a number of fans all jump on the bandwagon, here we take a look at some of those bets, that in some cases didn’t quite go that way.

Manchester United vs. MK Dons

When Dutch manager Louis van Gaal took over at the helm of Manchester United, it took him a while to grasp the English style of play and learn the strongest line-up at his disposal. This was never more evident than when the Red Devils drew Milton Keynes Dons in the second round of the League Cup on 26th August 2016. Although Manchester United had endured a tough start to the season that year, surely United had enough about them to see off a League One side. It turns out not as MK Dons smashed the United side 4-0 and knocking them out of the competition. One United fan even placed a bet on MK Dons accidentally. Interestingly enough, with the exception of the goalkeeper David De Gea, all the United starting 11 that night have since left the club.

Leicester City Win Premier League

Without question the greatest Cinderella underdog story of all time. In a season where Manchester City and Chelsea (the two most recent winners) had fallen off track and Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester side had been the most consistent, only losing two games along the way. They were neck and neck with Tottenham for most of the season until Spurs completely buckled in a 2-2 draw with Chelsea, gifting Leicester the title. At the start of the season Leicester were 5,000-1 to win the title. One would have to have a time machine, or simply placing a wager for fun. Although as things turned out, those who placed the bet took home an absolute fortune as they were waiting for the whole affair to turn out to be a dream, but the clock never struck midnight.

FA Cup Accumulator 2015

Bookies offer high odds in favour of the underdogs because they’re very unlikely to ever happen. So when Premier League side Chelsea drew League One side Bradford City in the fourth round of the FA Cup, very few people believed that the Blues would lose. Similarly Manchester City drew then Championship side Middlesbrough, and the Smoggies were given little chance of winning the match. At a push, one of the outcomes might happen, but surely not both. Well, Rosie Leigh must have thought so when she put down a £2 five way accumulator that included Bradford and the Boro both being victorious. The settled bet earned her a cushty £16,000.

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