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A New Era For Liverpool


The newly formed coalition government is more than likely to have a profoundly negative affect on Liverpool, as a city and as a people. Historically Liverpool has been a city that, along with other northern working-class towns, has been on the recieving end of the inequality of right wing politics. What is labelled as ‘paranoia’ by seemingly much of the country, and particularly the right wing press, is to scousers, a feeling of victimisation; as David Cameron said ‘We’re all in this together’.  So to him, I would imagine an ever increasing siege mentality in Liverpool seems completely unnecessary. The cuts being made in Merseyside and Sefton doubling that of the nations average go quite some way in suggesting we’re not actually all in this together, and when this action has its desired affect, no doubt the collective mentality of Merseysiders will continue to develop a mindset of togetherness that is already indispensibly strong.

As ever, despite the ups and downs of personal life, wrong doings of politicians, or Liverpool Football Club declining dramatically, football remains as important as it always will be to a city like Liverpool. A city in which football is an intrinsic part of its make up. Arguably the most important and successful decade of the club’s history was the eightie’s, a decade that also saw the crippling effects a ruthless conservative government can have on working-class areas. The eighties saw Liverpool FC play some of the best football ever played whilst simultaneously cementing the club as the most successful club in the history of the English game. Off the pitch however, Liverpool as a city was on it’s knees, as possibly the worst hit by the brutality of the Thatcher government.

The eightie’s went a long way in defining the complex menality of Liverpool FC and its followers. Establishing itself as one of the greatest clubs to ever come into existence in a city that was callously cast aside by its government had enormous significance in terms of the outlook of Liverpudlians.  Not to mention the monumental impact the Heysel and Hillsborough disasters had on an already downtrodden community’s perspective. Despite the smear campaigns Liverpool were subject to, the soaring unemployment rates or derogatory stereotypes, Liverpudlians still held the enviable quality of the ability to say ‘We Are Liverpool’; something no other team could say with the same pride or intensity.

Liverpool’s economy is unarguably in better shape than when Thatcher’s reign of terror was in place, however, The Children of Thatcher in charge of our country at the moment will most likely continue the damaging effect on Liverpool the last conservative regime had. And despite the glory my young eyes have seen, two decades without the league title deems those decades unsuccessful. Liverpool’s recent demise resulted in ‘The Liverpool Way’ being metaphorically thrown to the dogs. And with it went a small part of the innate pride Liverpool fans are born with. Though the tragedy and glory that defines Liverpool will ensure that pride is never fully lost, the next decade may go to some lengths to ensure scouse pride is as alive and fierce as ever.

Due to the negativity surrounding the club at the moment, it is easy to forget that Liverpool are heading in to the new decade at a time that should be exciting for the fans, as there are finally owners in place that have the club’s best interests at heart, and have the essential winning mentality needed at Liverpool Football Club. Last nights result will be hopefully be the beginning of the end for Roy Hodgson, and one would imagine a new manager will be in place soon. Then the club can re-form The Holy Trinity Bill Shankly placed such importance on, and hope that Liverpool FC can be a source of great pride for its followers, whilst off the pitch things might not be so rosy. Besides, Liverpool haven’t won the Premier League under a labour government. Maybe we should get or priorities right…

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  1. costasy

    December 30, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    Roy Hodgson is the worse manager in the history of Liverpool. He should have never been hired from the start but since a change in ownership has been taken place we still see the new owners watching pathetic the complete humiliation of LFC’s football heritage. Nor Roy Hodgson shows respect to the LFC’s football heritage as also and in its fans specifically. Why isn’t he stepping down? He doesn’t see that he is dwarf manager for this giant of football?

  2. yuva seegoolam

    December 30, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    question about RH leadership: why blame players and others and not himself. just imagine the negative psychological impact on players. These are not my players, i brought mereiles, konchelsky… how can players be motivated.. So time for RH to leave

  3. yuva seegoolam

    December 30, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Why in his so long a career RH hasn,t had top teams xcept Inter Milan, Over 30 years he should have when juniors like mourinho, Guardiola are. It only means his capacity to manage top teams is null.

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