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Why Some Clubs Always Remain Shitty…

Emirates stadium

As I wrote in my preview, the clash with City shall not only be 2 premier league clubs facing each other, but on a bigger picture, 2 ways or policies of football squaring against each other. It’s really odd that we Gooners are the only ones who really see the fault of such clubs. Just a fortnight back I read an article from a Chelsea supporter asking Abrahamovich for funds in the January transfer window. In fact as I think about it more and more, after Chelsea lost to Inter last season I read a few comments in a blog which stated somethings like this: “Roman bring in the cash” or “Just another 150 million pounds should do it.”…What is even more coincidental is just 2 days back I read a city blog which stated that ” Whats wrong if we spend, or buy a trophy” or something like that. I mean come on, are you serious or is this some type of sick joke!……Its like playing PS3, where everybody who chooses clubs like City or Chelsea have the opportunity to create their Dream-Team !

But in reality it’s not fair for the rest of the club of the Premier league, so forget us. There are teams such as Blackpool, West ham, Sunderland etc, teams which work on a certain budget, and constantly stay in the premier league. And then there are teams like Manchester City and Chelsea who spend very little and yet are not as successful as they project themselves to be. Now don’t get me wrong, Arsenal hae not won a single trophy for 5 years and i know it. But the amount of money Chelsea have spent on players, they should swipe the league by December every year !

Why is there no damn action taken against clubs like this. Why? Why does the English media go after Capello, and not after that damn Sheikh or that Roman fellow ! People are so damn fickle, and ignorant that they ignore what is important, and what is not they make the most fuss about it…Yeah, there is an Uefa ruling, but lets face it, has it in any way stopped City/Chelsea from doing what they are doing ?

Manchester City is one of those few clubs who have been lucky enough to be chosen by sheer “inkie-pinkie ponkey” by a Sheikh. And the way they are right now is something people should really look into. I mean we had a Highbury debt of 120, and that alone took a good amount of years ( I think 3 or 5) to clear. But these guys summer transfer spending alone excluding player contracts has come to about, ok lets just calculate:

David Silva : 25 ml pounds

Yaya Toure : 24 ml pounds

James Milner : 26 ml pounds

Aleksandar Kolarov : 16 ml pounds

Jérôme Agyenim Boateng : 10.4 ml pounds

Joleon Patrick Lescott: Speculated between 22-24 ml pounds, but lets say its 22 ml pounds

Mario Balotelli : 24 ml pounds

Edin Dzeko: 32 ml pounds

So its comes to around 180 ml pounds….

Now being an Arsenal fan, and I am sure all Gooners will agree…this is ****’n insane. At this rate, they will have built at least another Emirates Stadium by the time we reach mid 2012.

“The real, real true test would be to give 100 million pounds to all the 20 clubs in the Premier League and say ‘let’s go’,”

Yeah, this is what our manager said, and lets face it, how true it is. The real test shall indeed be giving each club 100 million, and then compete. Then only can we have a true and fair winner…

“I am convinced that in every single club, what is the biggest pride of the club is to achieve the maximum with the resources we have available,” said Wenger.

“That is what we try to achieve, so the situation is not really comparable to what Chelsea has done.”

Take pride that you are a Gooner, why because your club is independent and is moving upwards. It’s not a leech which is at the mercy of one single guy ! “Money cannot buy you success”, and Manchester City is one such club which is doing everything to prove this wrong…



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ade

    January 5, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    I agree completely, its wrong & the the exact reason teams are going bust. They are spending above their means to compete with them & as far as I’m aware the reason Platini is implementing these new uefa rules. As a Liverpool fan was very pleased that our new owners are talking of operating the Arsenal way, but it might not help us get that elusive EPL but if we do it will be all the more satisfying.

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