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Arsenal Is Heading Towards Maturity…We’re Almost There!

Alright so nobody is let down by the Arsenal team which faced City. And we have all reasons not to. Come on, lets face it. What we saw against Man City was an Arsenal performance which we always want the team to give. No we are not happy about the result because lets face it, we all wanted the team to win. But somehow it’s not that pissing off. Yeah, we took a point of our nearest rivals. And although it did help the league leaders here why we should not feel that bad about the match…

From the first minute we took City head-on, they had no idea how we were going to attack, and one can actually say that we went “All Guns Blazing” at them. RVP hit the post, and so did Cesc. Then that damn Hart pulled out a brilliant save on the hour mark. Moreover, we defended the ball well and did not let City have any real chance at Goal…

RVP has seriously started showing some of his older self. He shot 6 times of which 3 shots were on target, and 3 were not. Cesc too is playing well, and since we all know him as the playmaker, against City he had 5 successful passes for every 1 unsuccessful one. On the other hand, both Nasri and Jack had a 6:1 ratio. And as for Song he had a 9: 1 ratio..not bad for a CDM. Plus, he lost the ball 3 times, and won it back 6 times. I will admit that I was a bit surprised as why the Boss played Nikko on the left, and Nasri behind Cesc. I thought the formation would change to a Diamond with RVP and Nikko up front & Cesc behind them. Arshavin and Nasri would take up wide roles whereas Song would be the CDM, but I’m sure Le Boss had his reasons for not doing so.

In all the match was perfect for a neutral. Yeah, most of us will say that City were negative, but lets face it I guess that is the way they shall play against their title contenders so everybody has to deal with it. Now if you ask me, the only the one thing that was disappointing about the match. Then it has to be Sagna’s red card. In all honesty he should have had more control on himself because now he is going to miss games, and its going to hurt us as he has been one of the best defenders we have had this season.


So let’s try this, why don’t you predict what the table shall show after the next 3 games…



PS: I’ll give mine in my next post…



  1. samuel

    January 7, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Spurs are feeling the pressure of trying to stay with the big boys so to Man. City .Chelsea are washed up with to many over thirty players and Luckypool are destined for relegation (how the mighty have fallen)Trash.United is living on borrowed time with huge debt and an ageing manager so wot me worry ,up the Gunners ?

  2. makenzi

    January 7, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    City were just lucky.

  3. nikkogunners

    January 7, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Man city game proves we may just miss out on the title because of our striking. 10 clear chances = 0 goals. By the way we create the most chances and our goal getting ratio from chances created must be the lowest in the league.

    So we NEED strikers. Guys who can get us 30 goals a season. What Wenger may do is this. Let Bendtner go. Let Bayern, Inter of Juventus get RvP (there has been rumours). He is worth 25M – 30M. Get someone like Pappis Cisse from Freiburg (About 12M and banging goals) and get Fernando Llorient from Atletico (18M and a hard working giant of 6.5″ who get goals…

    30M for Falcao….Looks so UnWenger like. But a great dream if he will carry his capabilities to the highest level.

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