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Get Ready Spurs Fans….The Circus Is Coming To Town!


I’ve steered clear of the whole transfer window so far and have only briefly mentioned Mr David Beckham once in passing, but with Redknapp stating on TalkSPORT that the deal is all but done now, with Levy just finalising some of the finer details with Beckham’s advisers in California, I think it’s safe to say we’ve made our first signing of 2011. If it doesn’t happen you can blame me or thank me for jinxing it depending on where you stand on him joining.

As I quickly approach my 32nd year it’s rare Spurs sign a player that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve missed my chance to walk out onto that hallowed turf and score a last minute winner in front of the Park Lane (sorry Paxton). Golden Balls however, being 4 years my senior, and only slightly better than me means there’s still hope. The trouble I have with signing Beckham is are we getting Golden Balls or what’s left, a browning slightly damaged sack?

I’m not one to sit on the fence on any subject when it comes to Spurs and while I’ve struggled to decide whether I’m happy or not with this signing I have chosen the side I’ll be on. Whether it’s 2 months, 3 months or ends up being the remainder of his career I think this is a good move for the club. We’ve got to forget the qualities he used to have as a player, mainly because he no longer has them or they’re vastly reduced but what he does have is an aura. Other players will listen when he talks and will only improve with him around the club and on the training pitch.

Will he make a massive impact during matches? I doubt it. He’ll possibly make the occasional 10-15 minute appearance to help us hold onto the ball and keep a lead, and maybe even get a few chances to score from a free kick. Hopefully we’ll start working on corners now too. English football is a lot quicker and tougher than Italian football so don’t expect appearances to equal that of his stints with AC Milan. His main influence on this team will be off the pitch.

Hopefully his signing will lift everyone at the club and possibly more importantly when we consider other potential signings, elevate the clubs stature around the world. As much as we like to think of ourselves as a big club, and don’t get me wrong we are to a certain extent, there’s a lot of players who wouldn’t consider moving to Spurs good for their career. Now, when we approach someone and they see the likes of Modric, Bale, van der Vaart and David Beckham at the club that’s got to mean something. This is a club going places.

Then of course there’s the financial aspect to him coming. We all know the circus follows him wherever he goes but that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone else at the club and could quite possibly take the spotlight away from players like Bale to leave them to get on with their game. Personally I wouldn’t go out and buy a shirt with his name on it when he won’t play much and more than likely won’t be at the club for very long but I can see a lot of people who will and a second boost of shirt sales will do very nicely thank you very much.

Am I excited about this signing? Not really if I’m honest but I’m not upset by it either. I can’t see any reason why it’s a bad thing. Having said that, as silly as I know it is when that times comes for him to step onto the pitch in a Spurs shirt there’s a good chance I’ll be jumping up and don’t like a little girl.

Spurs fans, prepare for Beckhamania.

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  2. Beo

    January 8, 2011 at 2:22 am

    Ar eyou kidding? Have you seen him play at LA Galaxy?

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