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Gooners, Tactics, and an Award………..The Triology!

Now I am going to be very honest here, I do have an opinion, and am rightly entitled to it. There are some fans who are fickle, some who are clueless, and some who are “Real.” I recently read an article on a Chelsea Blog, and it just showed me how patient and loyal we Gooners are. So lets face facts, Arsenal have not won trophy since the FA Cup 2005, which if I may add we played dreadful but somehow won! Chelsea on the other hand have won at least 3 trophies within these 5 years, actually they may have a few more but I’m just counting the most recent ones..And now because lets face it, they have picked up 6 points out of a possible 18 [in their last 6 games], if you go to Cobham you shall see this:

I don’t really care about this that much, but it’s really sad to see that in football there are fans like this. And if this is so, then logically Arsenal should be the club with the lowest number of fans as they have not won a trophy for 5 years..Yeah, I have swear at my manager for making some ridiculous decisions, and I’m sure most of us Gooners do. We get pissed off when Arsenal lose stupidly, and we all say that Wenger should quit. Then 2 days go by, and then we get grounded to that level in which we say Wenger should stay but his decisions sometimes are really stupid. How many times have you thought that the manager should have made a substitution at least 5 mins earlier in the game ?

For me personally, I ‘believe’ some of his tactics are not that up to the mark and this has always been my opinion. For instance I felt that he should have not taken off Song but rather Denilson against Leeds. Now this would not make much of a difference right now, because we drew the match but Denilson looked out of sorts. (Arshavin however did blow past the Brazilian with his performance! )

But somehow I felt that, if the manager did some more research then he could have found out that Leeds have slow defenders. I mean Chamakh went behind them with little effort , and he is no Theo! So he could have employed some tactics which included fast strikers, and midfielders who can really raise the tempo…This was shown by his comments after the match [related to Cesc]. Straight away [Fabregas] gives us something in the speed of the passing that makes our game much quicker and more dangerous. It shows you how important it is to pass and see quickly in midfield.

Fabregas [provides leadership]. I felt our game was a bit slow in our passing, we were not sharp in our decision-making, the rest is the credit to Leeds. They stopped us from playing more than [us lacking] leadership. When Cesc comes on he has that vision so even if he is closed down he doesn’t have to run too much to make the game quicker.

I cannot dis-respect Wenger in terms of management of the club, as in that field he has blown past Mourinho, and Ferguson. This is because he manages ‘Arsenal’ as a whole and not only Arsenal Football Club whereas SAF, and Mourinho do the opposite. This is not my opinion but this has been actually found out. The man has topped the table complied by the ‘International Football Federation of History & Statistics’ (IFFHS) – an organisation recognised by FIFA.

Our manager, whose team have not won any silverware in six years, earned 156 points while Ferguson was second (148) and Real Madrid’s Mourinho followed in third (135). The Professor has been recognised as the best manager in the world over the last decade and the result was calculated by combining the results of the previous 10 years of the organisation’s manager-of-the-year.

According to the a statement released on the IFFHS website :

‘Although the Frenchman has until now never won the annual vote, he has been among the best-placed coaches every year.

‘It is admirable how he has repeatedly moulded young players into an attacking and technically brilliant way of play.’

Moreover it was Wenger’s consistency in the 10-year period that earned him the award. Now this is no surprise for me as if the IFFHS gave the award to someone else it would really be sad. Wenger is Arsenal, and he is what the club stands for. We may or may not agree with him most of the times, and I don’t…but the guy has taken the club to wherever it stands today.

Yes, “My Managers” tactics sometimes pisses the hell out of me. If only he was a blend of Mourinho, Guardiola or Fergusion then we would surely have picked up more points from some of our matches this season, but that’s my opinion. I don’t ask you to agree with me, and neither do I ask you to abuse the hell out of me. If you ask me should AW stay, its YES! Why ?? Because he manages Arsenal as a whole, and I do want the betterment of my club.

I shall never stop supporting Arsenal, and I shall never put up a poster like the above EVER ! Here is the reason why… I know that our club is one of the best managed clubs in the world, I know that our club has the best manager in the world, hence it will just be a while before OUR CLUB shall shut its critics up!





  1. aku suka Arsenal

    January 10, 2011 at 10:57 am

    well said DKD!

    He brings balance to the club, which is not something easy to do in this new football ‘era’. His patience is second to none, eventhough it might backfired.


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  3. Baz

    January 10, 2011 at 11:23 am

    I agree with your post. Wenger manages a lot more at Arsenal than just the team.

    Arsenal have never replaced David Dein.

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