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How to make money from sports betting

Is there a betting strategy which is effective and can bring a tangible profit with low risks? Here we show you how to make money from betting

Probably every gambler has asked himself more than once: how can I make money on sports betting?

Many bettors have already found it out the hard way that without using a certain betting strategy there is no way to beat a bookie. Regrettably, most of the existing strategies appear to be not so effective and leave you high and dry.

But isn’t there a strategy, which is really effective and can bring a tangible profit with low risks? It certainly exists! Beyond any doubt, we can include surebets to such kind of strategies.

What is surebet?

Surebet (arb) is a situation that appears due to an odds difference between two bookmakers. It gives you the possibility to bet on opposing outcomes of the event at different bookies and get profit no matter the result.     

There are two types of surebets: Prematch and Live. Prematch suresets appear some time before the event starts. Live surebets are available only in real time.

We’ll prove to you with an example so you can gain first-hand knowledge about this betting strategy:

Let’s imagine there is a game between Manchester United vs Chelsea in the Premier League, and two bookmakers (B1 and B2) offer the following odds for totals:

B1: ТU (2.5) – @1.88, ТO (2.5) – @2.09

B2: ТU (2.5) – @2.12, ТO (2.5) – @1.77

It’s plain enough to see that ТO 2.5 at B1 and ТU 2.5 at B2 make up an arb, as the odds are over 2.0. If a gambler bets these two outcomes at the same time, he’ll get profit no matter the outcome.

We should mention that we have given the example of the simplest surebet that you may not so frequently find. In fact, calculating arbitrages is not an easy thing to do, so arbers usually use surebet calculator.

You need to find the surebet first. Here special arb scanners come in very useful.  

Arb scanners

For today, there are plenty of arb scanners available. Their main task is to provide prompt reliable information on surebets.

In a few mouse clicks you can get actual list of surebets and sort them by percent, bookmaker, sport etc.

One such project is BetBurger, which operate already for 4 years and manage to become one of the leaders in this niche.

They gather information from more than 100 bookmakers and provide the aggregate result as a list of Prematch and Live surebets in 23 and 13 kinds of sport respectively. Moreover, you can find middles here, which are also quite popular in betting,

Besides regular functional for search and sorting, BetBurger scanner possesses great number of additional options like comparison service, hide arb menu, direct link to bookmakers etc. All these functions significantly simplify the work.

There is also an excellent tutorial menu to help you find out more about bookmaker arbs.

To sum up

Arbitrage betting appear to be a pretty effective strategy, which is successfully used by gamblers. This system implies independent search as well, but most punters choose to trust professional arb scanners that considerably save time and simplify the whole working process.



  1. Kabir

    October 27, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Really there are lots of scopes to make money.

  2. Stephen

    October 27, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    You’re right, my friend! Surebets – one of the ways to get a guaranteed profit. I have use it for a long time to earn money.

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