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Introducing the tool that can help you win more money with football betting

Football and betting go hand in hand, and everybody knows that. Here is a tool that will help you win more money through football betting

Football and betting go hand in hand, and everybody knows that. Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to find a football fan that hasn’t made a single bet in his life than to find a person who hasn’t watched even one Game of Thrones episode. Also, the casual bettor, just like almost every football fan, thinks that he knows everything about football. However, after extensive research we at Sporita betting advisor have concluded that even professional bettors are winning only 50% to 55% of their single bets. Most bettors aren’t aware that they are losing the fight against the bookmakers. On top of that, even those who are realizing that they are in trouble don’t want to get help. For example, they could get a betting analyzer, which would optimize their picks and betting units better.

There are a couple of reasons for that. Apart from being overly confident, most gamblers doubt that getting a betting tool will help them. That’s because most betting tools are being aggressively promoted everywhere. In most cases they give promises they can’t fulfill, and those who subscribed often feel they didn’t get enough value for their money.

With Sporita betting advisor, you can be sure that your money will be well spent. Sporita uses Big Data to predict the outcome of football matches, and they are pretty successful in doing that. Their profit rate greatly exceeds the average profit rate of casual bettors. For the past 10 years the people behind Sporita have gathered football data from across the European leagues. You can imagine that the list of things you will get if you subscribe is hefty.

What will you get from Sporita

As we already mentioned, Sporita has been gathering football data, starting from the 2005/06 season. The data is collected from all major European leagues, but new leagues will be added soon. The data includes advanced statistics of the past games, such as the number of corners, shots, ball possession, etc. Sporita also uses player stats such as number of goals scored, assists made, injuries and suspensions and many more to make advanced predictions with the highest possible level of accuracy.

You may think that you can find these things elsewhere, but Sporita has some options that nobody else does.

Every casual sports bettor should know how to get the most value out of their picks. That is not an easy thing to do, since we can be biased. If we like a certain team, or the odds are too appealing to miss, we can make a bad move. Sporita Score is a unique feature which gets the value out of the betting picks for you, using only cold statistics. It calculates the value of each prediction, and it gives you the score from one to ten, with one being the least reliable and ten being a perfect prediction.

For example, you may feel that betting on a favorite at home is the safest possible bet. You won’t even consider betting on a draw. However, that draw, with the odd over 3.10, might have more value than the victory of the favorite with the odds of 1.50! Sporita Score identifies the true value of a bet for you, and your only job is to follow the predictions.

Sporita also allows their users to keep track of their bets with a personal betting diary. You can use it to compare your success rate after you started to use Sporita with the success rate you had before.  This will serve as most significant proof of Sporita’s value.

Social betting is another useful feature of Sporita. Every user of the betting advisor can see how the other users are betting and track their success score with Sporita. They can quickly add the predictions made by others to their own “My Predictions” section with only a few clicks. Also, next to the user name, you will be able to see if they made a profit or not. The profit shown is calculated as if each bet is placed for 10 Euro (regardless of whether the bettor has actually placed a bet of ten euro or more).

You can see that everything about Sporita is transparent – they don’t hide anything, and why should they? Sporita has 140% profit rate over all European leagues, with the rate reaching incredible 230% in some of them.

The verdict on Sporita

Sporita is a new generation sports betting advisor. They won’t just give you the picks, Sporita will make you a more successful bettor by teaching you how to get the greatest value out of your bets. Sporita won’t make big claims for the sake of registration. Sporita is there to make the profit with you, not on you. While there are lots of premium betting tools online that may look similar to Sporita at first glance, there is no other tool that will act like a betting advisor. You can see the reason behind Sporita’s betting picks, and ultimately become a better sports bettor.

Head over to Sporita now to start getting the most out of your bets!

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