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Betting Strategies to Improve your Winnings

Football betting has been at the forefront of the boom in sports betting as millions of football fans put their knowledge to use betting on football markets.

Football betting has been at the forefront of the boom in sports betting this century as millions of football fans all over the world put their knowledge to use betting on a bewildering array of football markets. Naturally, with all that competition out there, it takes more than just football expertise to make a long term profit. To help you on your way, here are some useful betting strategies that will help you to improve your winnings.

Back and Lay

Back and Lay is a relatively new football betting strategy that has developed at the same time as the betting exchanges. When you execute a back to lay strategy, you are effectively taking both sides of the bet, with the intention either of locking in a profit or of minimising your losses. Betting exchanges made it possible for punters to lay a bet, just like bookmakers and many successful football bettors have taken advantage of this way of betting.

The essence of the back and lay strategy is to identify when you think a set of odds are either underestimating or overestimating a team’s chances. If you think the odds are too high, you back the team, and if you think the odds are too low, you lay them.

This can either be done before an event has happened or in-play. As the odds change, you make back and lay bets for the same team, with the ultimate aim being to lock in a profit no matter what the outcome. For example, let’s say you back Manchester United to win the Champions League at 14.0. If they win their next game, the price might drop to 9.0, in which case, you can lay them and guarantee a profit whatever happens.

The risk with Back and Lay betting is that sometimes the odds don’t move in the way that you would like, in which case, it is important to lay at the new price, taking a small loss, rather than waiting for the market to move back in your favour. But while it can be risky, Back and Lay is a useful strategy to help football punters lock in profits.

Half-time v Full-time Bets

Among the many football betting markets, one of the most interesting is the Half-time v Full-time option. In this market, you have the choice of betting on a combination of each of the three possible results at half time and full time.

One of the advantages of this market is that it is less high profile than the more popular bets such as match outcome, and with many bookmakers simply pricing up the Half-time/Full-time odds based on the full-time odds, there are opportunities for the shrewd football punter. The odds are also much bigger than you will find in the match outcome markets.

The fact is that some teams tend to start games brightly before fading, while others save their best for the second half. By analysing a team’s recent results, you can spot teams that play well in the first or second halves and profit by betting in the Half-Time/Full-Time market.


Hedging is a strategy that has something in common with the Back and Lay approach mentioned, but while the Back and Lay approach is designed primarily to look for chances to lock in a profit, hedging is a more defensive strategy, and does not involve any lay betting.

Many football punters use hedging to minimize losses in the event that their first bet fails. For instance, you may bet on Chelsea to win a match against Stoke, but after watching the first half an hour, you decide that Stoke are playing well and could win. By betting on Stoke, you will reduce your potential profit if Chelsea go on to win the game, but your losses if they lose will be offset by the amount you win for a Stoke victory.

Overs v Unders

The Overs/Unders markets are less popular than traditional markets and so offer an opportunity for punters who focus on this area. Every football match will feature at least one Over/Under market, in which you have to predict whether there will be more or less than a number of goals in a game, with the most common market being Over/Under 2.5 goals.

A good strategy for this market is to pay close attention to how many goals each team has been scoring and conceding. Some teams have an open style of play, which can lead to a high number of goals in their games, while others take a more defensive approach. When two open or two defensive sides meet, you can often profit by backing the Overs or Unders option, as the prices in these markets will often be set in relation to the full-time odds.


If you want to make money from football betting, you need to have a plan. Every successful football punter has a strategy, and many have several in their armoury. By adopting the Back and Lay or Hedging strategies, you can lock in a profit or limit your losses, while focusing on the less popular Half-time/Full-time or Overs/Unders markets can offer some great opportunities to profit. With these strategies, you can increase your chances of success and improve your winnings.

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