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World Cup 2018 Betting Scenario

If you’re an enthusiast of sport betting and you’re thinking of placing some bets this summer, we have some recommendations for you:

The world is getting ready for one of the most exciting sport events; the World Cup 2018 that will take place in Russia this summer.  Players from all the globe are training to represent their country while FIFA president Gianni Infantino announced that all preparations and arrangements are almost ready for what he says will be the best World Cup in history. High are our expectations for this summer when players from all the world will contest who is the world football champion, and there’s another industry that is more than ready to take advantage of it; we’re talking about online sport betting platforms.

As soon as the groups and schedules were published, betting companies started working on their odds and preparing their competitive landscape to attract more users during the World Cup. In fact, there are several platforms that already opened their betting options, so you can now back your favourite team. A number of online casinos offer a wide variety of betting options for the event , if you’re as impatient as we are to experience the next World Cup you can start doing predictions on factors like which player will be the top goalscorer of the tournament, you can bet on every team defining if you think they’ll reach the quarter finals, the semi finals and even select the teams that you think will contest the final.

The fact that online casinos are already offering these betting options means that they have already stablished their odds, so they have already installed the favorites to win the cup.

Of course, these odds will vary from one gambling platform to another, however, the top places are almost the same across all casinos: Germany, Spain, France, Brazil and Argentina appear on the favourites to lift the 2018 World Cup. If you are still new to the online betting world and you want to learn about the online casino business to bet on the next World Cup we suggest you start comparing the odds casinos are offering to select the one that offer the most for your bet selection.

It is well known that the World Cup not only moves athletes and sport fans, it also moves a huge amount of money around the tournament. According to Statista the total investment of FIFA for this year edition will go beyond the 1.9 billion dollars between local organization, prize money, tv production, ticketing solutions, etc.  Online betting platforms are preparing to cover such a high-priced sport event accordingly, in fact experts expect more than 1.8 billion dollars to be wagered during the event.

If you’re an enthusiast of sport betting and you’re thinking of placing some bets this summer, we have some recommendations for you:

Promotions: As we just said, this summer people from all the world will bet more than 1.8 billion dollars and of course the competition between online casinos will be intense as every company will do its best to attract more users, and as we know the best tool of these gambling platforms are bonus and promotions. Firstly, we can expect amazing welcome bonuses that will enhance your first deposit on a new account. However, there is much more to be expected from promotions, as several platforms will be offering free bets so this is also something to keep in mind when selecting an online casino.

Betting options: In general, online casinos are always looking for ways to enhance the experience of online betting and of course the World Cup is the perfect event to innovate fun betting options. There will be the usual range of betting options like best Asian team at the cup or top goalscorer, but we can expect a wide variety of other fun bets that are usually available for this type of event. Let’s not forget that in the World Cup 2014, 167 people won by betting that Luis Suarez would bite another player during a match!

Information: The more you know, the easier it will be to predict an event. It’s crucial to stay informed on the latest events of the football world and to get familiarized with every team statistics to have a full vision of what might happen on every match and with every player you want to bet on.

Fun: Our final recommendation is to always remember that sports betting is a great way to add some adrenaline and excitement to every match, as long as it keeps being fun, in a moderate way and without any negative impact for you.

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