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Face Facts Gooners…No New Signings This January….Again!

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Since the January transfer window opened, we have been talking about the need for new additions especially in the middle of our defense. Now there is just about a week left before the transfer period closes for the season and it doesn’t look like we will be signing anyone. Although we have been linked with a multitude of names, there just isn’t any concrete movement from Arsene and his team.

As we welcome back Squillaci and the team producing a slate of clean sheets in the Premiership, the Professor’s tune has changed from “We will need to sign a defender” to “Our defense in more stable, and we will only sign if we can get the right quality at the right price.” As this is usually his stance before not signing anybody, I wouldn’t be holding my breath for any new additions. Furthermore, in his interview for Arsenal TV, he mentioned that he has the option of Song and Miquel as back-up should the central defenders become unavailable. Wenger also stated after last nights 3-0 win over Ipswich that:

“Transfer-wise there is no news and I would be surprised if there is any.”

All this points to just one thing, we would be with the same group of players for the season, no new faces. Again, I am not one to argue with the boss, and he could still be right. If we do not sign any new players and the defenders stay fit, and we will the league, it would be a masterstroke that have saved the club millions of pounds. However, should his gamble backfire and the defenders become injured or suspended just like last season, then he really has to take full responsibility for it. It happened last season and I don’t discount that it will not happen again this year. Given the fragile nature of our players it is likely that we will miss a couple of the central defenders at some point in the near future. Let’s just hope it will not be more than two.

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  2. Goona

    January 26, 2011 at 10:06 am

    It’s the same old story yawn! the boss certainly fills us long suffering Gooners full of hope transfer wise.
    Please don’t tell us he’s going after Sol on loan great player in his time but now Newcastle don’t appear to want him. Please Arsene open those purse strings and spend some lolly on a really younger top class centre back it’ll be worth it in the long run but I can’t see you doing that. sigh!

  3. Mick

    January 26, 2011 at 11:20 am

    I think you would agree that the central defenders at Man U are world class and yet they have conceded only 1 goal fewer than our defence. (22 to 21) So what is your constant obsession with signing another defender. We have 4 CD’s 3 of whom will only get better as they become more and more attuned to the Premier Leauge, and Vermaelan to return who has hardly kicked a ball this season. Even our 4th choice Squillaci has 20 French caps. Taking these facts into consideration I think our defence has done really well. To anyone who wants Cahill I would say did you watch him against Chelsea on Monday night? Very average. Where is the crisis, I don’t see it. None of the other top teams have more than 4 CD’s

  4. Bongo

    January 26, 2011 at 11:23 am

    “Transfer-wise there is no news and I would be surprised if there is any”

    He always says that or “we’re not close to signing anybody” or “I’ll only bring in players that will add something to the squad”

    I love the way all you armchair football specialists (yes hypocritical as I too am one) seem to think we need to buy big or buy someone who already has a reputation or buy anyone at all. Yet we’ve been solid in the department you’re talking about Djourou has turned into an animal defender. Koscilelny is unbelievable one on one and in the past few matches in all competitions our keeper has only had to make one or two saves.

    There are no top defenders available that he could add to the squad that wouldn’t create disharmony or displace others in our squad. We have 4 top class defenders. Vermaelen is coming back soon, koscielny is starting to show the kind of hunger and form that justify his purchase. Squillaci while not excellent is fairly decent cover. Djourou as I said is just a monster and he gets better each game. He went from a stuttering start of the season making silly errors to a man who even Drogba couldn’t bully, that’s an achievement. Say we have all 4 of those fit and we buy in another “top class defender” how the hell do you rotate enough to give them all playing time and keep them happy? How do you do that without losing defensive cohesion due to lack of understanding through too much rotation? What’s the point in buying another defender that might only end up warming the bench?

    Our philosophy is youth, it is to give the team a cohesion and belief in each man. We’re not man city, they do what you foolish gooners are talking about. Buy in too many top class players to fill a small few positions and then these top class players don’t get played, they ruin the wage structure for nothing, they create fights and disharmony in the squad but that’s okay for them because the quality of each player is so great that it compensates.

    Our team is built on unity, this unity is vital to our success.

    Not only that but Song is a great 5th choice defender if we need him and we have midfielders coming out of our butts.

    We don’t need a keeper, we don’t need a defender, we don’t need any midfielders and we are actually loneing out our 4th choice striker so. If push comes to shove I have every faith in Ignasi Miquel I watch as many reserve games as I can and he is top class, he is very quick on his feet, great in the air, he is very like Koscielny in that he’s very intelligent at reading danger and getting the foot in at the right time, his timing is exceptional and he’s fearless. Check out this for a small taster of his versatility

    The only worry is his age, lack of experience and while he is excellent for the reserves we have no way of telling how he’d play in a big stadium under pressure for the first team but as we know in our team age does not make a difference when you have the ability.

  5. Norfolk Gooner

    January 26, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Djourou has improved beyond all recognition this season and Koscilelny will prove to be a good signing, but with Vermaelen injury-prone and Squillaci not impressing we do need a new cental defender. We don’t concede many goals because we have 65-70% possession in most games -there will be games between now and the end of the season when we don’t dominate possession (Barcelona!!!) and in these games we are likely to be exposed. An inferior footballing team to us, Man Utd, are above us in the league because their defence allows them to win games where they are outplayed – we only win if we are the better team

  6. nicky

    January 26, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    @ Bongo
    Yep, I agree with your comment. After yesterday’s game I’m going to stop being so hasty in criticising AW and the team tactics. At half-time, I was screaming for Arshavin and Bendtner to be subbed. In the second half, both were instrumental in our victory!

  7. Yommex

    January 26, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    I personally think that the issue of a club signing a new player is most often whipped up by some agents or people that stand to benefit financially from these signings. I don’t think it is purely borne from the footballing perspective.
    Arsenal have been accused of not wanting to sign big money players in the past as if it is a must in order for titles to be won. The same people that accused Wenger of not signing big players are the ones castigating Benitez for having been wasteful in the transfer market.
    Last season, it was that Arsenal needed a striker which was solved in the Summer with the arrival of Marouane Chamakh. This season started with the insinuation that it is a world class goalkeeper that is needed and after that seems to have been solved although not favourably to those who got a keeper to sell to the club, they have lately moved on to the CBs. What else can they want from the defence that did not concede any goal in 5 of the 8 matches played so far this year and none at all in the 4 EPL matches. What else will the new acquisition bring into the defence? The issue of what happens if any of them get injured is equally applicable to all the other clubs as well.
    I submit that the purchase may not be necessary as what is required is confidence by the defence which they have got in abundance at present and the return of Vermaelen will only improve their solidity.
    Last note: How many top quality CBs would want to come to be #5?

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