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Premier League Betting

Today, we will talk about the different ways people like to bet on the Premier League and explain why they are popular.

Betting on Premier League games is an every-weekend type of activity for many fans during the season. There are many ways in which you can bet, and one of the newer ways is in-play betting, which became very popular since the rise of the internet due to the fact that the process is much more convenient for online use. But, you can also go to a betting shop and place in-play bets on major sports markets.

Today, we will talk about the different ways people like to bet on the Premier League and explain why they are popular.

Title Winner

This is pretty much a must for all hardcore fans of a Premier League team. It doesn’t matter if someone is a Liverpool or Burnley fan, people will always believe that their team has a chance of winning the title. One such fan was a Leicester City supporter who placed a £100 bet when the odds of a Foxes title run were 2,000-1 and after his team ended up winning the league, he cashed out £200,000.

Another “unlucky” Leicester fan placed a £50 bet before the season, only to cash out £72,000 in midseason instead of £250,000 which he would’ve got had he believed in his team until the end.

Title winner is also a popular option with neutral fans, who either bet on one of the favorites or have a secret favorite who they think can go all the way.  Usually, it is pretty tough to guess as there are always at least 3 teams who are heavy favorites and a few more that might come out of nowhere.


This is the most basic and probably the most popular way in which people bet on the Premier League. Some people like to place a bet on a large number of games and try to guess what the outcome will be, not before a careful analysis of course. This is a way to add to the fun of following the games, cheering and hoping that the teams you chose to win will come out on top. Nothing beats the thrill of predicting the outcome of a game, through a goal scored in the 90th minute. It is certainly one of the best feelings ever.

But for fans of a team, it can be a bit difficult to remove personal biases, especially on derby days. Derby games are usually very difficult to predict, even if the teams in question have a significant difference in quality. This, however, doesn’t stop fans to place ridiculous bets at what can sometimes be, huge amounts. So, if you see £1,000 bets on Sheffield Utd to beat Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium next season, don’t be surprised.

In-Play Betting

The Premier League is one of the most exciting leagues in the world. Most teams play at a very fast pace, scoring and conceding a lot of goals in the process. This leaves a lot of room for placing some amazing in-play bets. In-play betting is a very popular way in which you can place a bet. It is most popular on online sites but it is also available in betting shops.

It can be a very fun way of adding fun to watching the game. You ever get that feeling where you know something is about to happen during a football match? Be it a goal, a red card or a penalty, and then sure enough it does? Well, with in-play betting you can wager on pretty match any situation that can occur during a football match. Feel like Sheffield might actually score a late winner to beat Man. City? Sure, go ahead (and best of luck).

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