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Comparing betting on football to gambling at an online casino

Betting on football is completely different to gambling at an online casino. Here, we look at those differences between the two forms of gambling

If you have been considering, in the past few months, quitting football betting and replacing the craving for the enjoyment with some casino gaming, you need to consider a coupe of things. Leaving your traditional entertainment in order to go for something that is both new and unknown is dangerous. This is why we are going to be comparing betting on football to playing at an online casino. The differences are vast, many and very drastic, so much so that the experiences, although related at the most basic level, are indeed incredibly different. Betting is risking, and in the case of football wagers and online casino betting, you are taking a risk in order to get more money. But the amount of calculation and communication that goes into football betting could never be matched by any casino in the world. Even when you ask the biggest casinos in the world, they all agree that the amount of luck involved in casino gaming is enormous, as compared to the amount of luck in football wagering. It doesn’t matter if you try to play with Casumo casino, admiral casino, or some other famous casino. They all agree on the same thing. Let’s discuss in a bit more detail.

Less of a game of chance

This is something we mentioned already, but let us get more realistic and discuss in a bit more detail. When we are talking about online casinos, it is undeniable that a large chunk of the actual winning that happens is related to the luck of the players involved. The type of cards you get, where the reels stop or where the ball stops all depend on outer forces of chance that are beyond our control. But that is not so with football betting.

When you talk about football, there are many who have differing opinions about who their favourite players are, which their favourite club is and who they are rooting for. But there is always an objective way to say whether a team is better than another team if a player is a better player than the other player and if the game is going to go a certain way. You have all of the information available to you ahead of time, and utilizing that information intelligently allows you to bet intelligently. This is the very basic differences between any casino game and any football bet you make. You can have, even if marginally, a calculated answer to the question you are trying to ask. Sometimes there are upsets, yes, but those upset only reinforce the facts that might have been ignored up to the games. You just have a better chance of predicting what the better bet is, when you are betting on a football game, then when you are betting on a casino game.

A united community

Both football betting and casino betting have large communities around them. After all, you will meet many fans of casinos around the world, if you travel and ask if there are fans of gambling. The same goes for football betting, but there will be one thing different between the two crowds. With casino fans, you will always have people who are looking out for their own, individual bets and not caring about what other people are doing. On the other hand, with football, every game and every bet that gets made is more than just one person, it is done by a huge crowd of people. The effect of this is a tighter knit community that is built off of the ideas that result in the specific bets that they end up making.

This united community has a sort of a brotherhood feeling to it. Just like a fan club for a football team will have a strong community, those who bet together and similarly will have a community among themselves. These communities will discuss the ideas that lead them to bet a certain way, consider the details of a game and influence each others’ ideas regarding betting a specific way. As a result, the community in a football betting scenario becomes more connected to each other. A victory stops being the victory of one person and a loss stops being the loss of one person. The drinks that are shared in both cases are between people of the same mind, who share both of the sentiments between each other, easing the pain and multiplying the happiness several times each time they share a drink.

A global event

Finally, football is not a localized event like an online casino is. When you play at a casino, you are a single person, in a single place, at a single time. There is nothing that is going to change that. On the other hand, when you are watching and betting on football, you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people doing so. This is why football bigger makes people bigger than they are, makes them feel like they are a global trend themselves, and why the act is so loved by many. It makes a person part of a global community. And, at the most basic level, isn’t that what we all want to be? A part of a global community?



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