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The Ultimate Guide to Betting on the English Premier League

In this simple guide, we will give you an overview of the Premier League betting markets available to those bettors who bet on EPL games


The English Premier League, commonly referred to as EPL, is undoubtedly the most-watched football league in the world. The league features 20 teams that play against each other in the home-away format.

At the end of the season, the team with the highest number of points becomes the EPL champions. The top four teams join other teams from all over Europe to play in the prestigious Champions League. The bottom three teams are relegated to the second-tier league known as the championship.

The league usually starts in August and ends in May. With the rising popularity of the EPL, betting on it has become a multimillion-pound industry. In this simple guide, we will give you an overview of the EPL betting markets available and how you can bet on your favorite team (s).

EPL Season Long Bets

The first and most apparent season-long EPL bet is “Who will win the premier league?” market. However, this is an interesting betting market because, in any given season, bookmakers will have selected only four or five teams that have the potential to lift the trophy.

This means that you will most likely receive very long odds for some teams. Since the start of the league in 1992, only five teams have managed to lift the trophy, and over the run of the 38 games, it takes more than just a strong squad to win the EPL.  You need to keep this information in mind if you fancy betting on this market.

The other EPL season-long betting markets include the teams that will finish in the top four, top goal scorer and teams that may be relegated. Some bookmakers will allow you to bet on the teams that will finish in the top six or even the top half of the EPL table.

A slightly unusual but popular season-long bet is handicap betting. In this betting market, each team is given a specific amount of points start over the team that is considered the favorite.

For instance, a team that is deemed to struggle and possibly face relegation may be given a 30- point start over the favored team. This market is quite popular because all teams are priced at almost the same odds.

If you think your selected team will over-perform over the nine months of the EPL season, this may be the best bet to place. You can place season-long bets at any time of the season, but the odds are usually high before the season starts.

Multiple EPL Bets

In one EPL round, ten matches will be played over the weekend and occasionally midweek. To get the most from EPL betting, you can consider placing a multiple bet. This type of bet is highly popular for its ability to significantly increase the possible payout amount without staking a lot of money.

Typically, a multiple bet involves selecting two or more teams to win on a single betting slip. Bookmakers do not restrict the number of teams that you can include in your bet but the more teams you choose, the higher the risk of losing.

A multiple bet market that is growing in popularity all over the world is the “both teams to score” bet.

In this bet, you pick as many teams as you want and if each team scores in their match you win. This is a type of  betting market that will keep you cheering every time a team score regardless of whether you support it or not.

EPL Individual Match Markets

Apart from the season-long and multiple bet markets, you can also bet on a single premier league match. There are different ways you can wager on these games.

The first and the most obvious is the “to win the match” market. In this EPL betting market, you pick a team that you think will win the match outright in 90 minutes. The odds vary depending on each team’s chances of winning the game.

Another popular market is the “correct score” bet in which you predict the exact outcome of the match. For instance, if Liverpool is playing Chelsea and you think Chelsea can win the game by two goals to nil, you can go ahead and bet on the correct score market.

The “half time-full time” market is another popular market in which you predict who is winning the match at halftime and fulltime. This market usually attracts high odds. If you fancy a team to come out strong and have the game won at halftime, then you can bet on this market.

You can also bet on the “time of the first goal”, “the first goalscorer”, and the “total number of goals that will be scored” in an EPL match.

Do you fancy betting on the biggest football league in the world?  According to the most authoritative catalog of online bookies –, is the best place to bet on the EPL and Esports.  Visit the site today and start betting on your favorite EPL teams. Good luck!

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