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Gamblers Often Regret Using Gamstop

You really should think long and hard about registering with Gamstop, as you may find it very difficult to gamble online again in the future.

Gamstop is a service open to all UK gamblers, and it allows them to register their details onto a database, and whenever they have done so, and they then attempt to sign up to any UK licensed gambling site they will be blocked from doing so.

Whilst that can of course be a good way to reduce and negate the risk of a problem gambler signing up to lots of different gambling sites and losing their money, many recreational gamblers who do not have any problems with their activities could sign up to Gamstop and will then regret doing so.

One reason why they will regret doing so, is that if they wish to gamble again in the future online, they will then only be allowed to do so at casino, bingo, poker or even betting sites that are not licensed and regulated in the UK, and that can often put them at risk of playing at a site that isn’t run and operated to the very highest of industry standards.

As such, you really should think long and hard about registering with Gamstop, as you may find it very difficult to gamble online again in the future.

Alternatives to Gamstop

There are of course many other tools that you can make use of rather than simply sign up to Gamstop, if you want to ensure that you are always going to be best positioned to gamble responsibly online.

One of the easiest way that you can gamble within your means as an online players of any type of game of chance or even when signing up to an online betting site, is to make use of the gambling limit option settings all gambling related sites that are licensed and regulated in the UK by the UK Gambling Commission must offer their customers.

Those option settings will allow you to choose a deposit limit that you can have in place on your account over a period of time that has been chosen by you, and as such you are then only ever going to be able to deposit an amount of cash into your account up to your chosen deposit limit.

Setting a loss limit is something else that those self-imposed gambling limit option settings are going to allow players to choose too, and as such always consider setting a loss limit before you set about gambling online.

Play for Free Online

If you ever do find yourself getting the urge to play poker, bingo or even casino games online, but do not have the funds available to play for real money, then do keep in mind that all gaming sites will offer their new and existing players access to a range of demo mode, no risk free play games.

Some sites are also famed for offering newly signed up customers a range of no deposit bonus offers and the like, and as such you are going to be able to claim and make full use of those promotional offers without having to make a deposit or put any of your own funds at risk when doing so.

In fact, some poker and casino sites and apps will offer their customers a range of poker and casino game tournaments, which do not have any entry fees, but will offer those players taking part in them the chance of winning bonus or real money credits, dependent on just how well they do in those tournaments.

So never be under the impression that the only way to win real money when gambling online is by putting at risk your own money, as that is not always the case.

Gambling Sites Not Part of Gamstop

If at any time you wish to start gambling again, and your name is included on the Gamstop database, then you will of course find it difficult, if not impossible to sign up to any UK licensed gambling site.

However, that database in not accessed by offshore based sites, and as such you can easily sign up to a non Gamstop gambling site, but that is a decision that you are going to have to make for yourself, and only if you do feel you can now gamble responsibly.

The range of games that you can play at any such poker, bingo or gambling site will be just as wide and varied as you will find at any British casino site, so do not be under the impression that you are going to find just a small selection of game variants on offer to you at such sites.

But if you do feel that you are not in full control of your gambling activities then try and look for help and support and look at taking up some other hobbies that will not put temptation in your way.

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1 Comment

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