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5 Online Tools You Can Use to Succeed on Football Index

Football Index takes that control back by rewarding bettors based on their knowledge of the game instead of a win/lose outcome.

Success at traditional sports betting can hinge on several factors, many of which are out of the bettors’ control. Football Index takes that control back by rewarding bettors based on their knowledge of the game instead of a win/lose outcome. Successful Football Index traders have made an art form out of acquiring the latest, most accurate information about their favourite footballers. Get into the game using a Football Index referral code to bet risk-free for a week, and use that time to familiarise yourself with the same online tools that seasoned traders use:

Football Index Academy

Whether you’re a complete novice to the Football Index or are already an experienced trader, the Football Index Academy is one of the most valuable online resources to have at your disposal. It is the Index’s official compendium of information, supported by the platform’s very own dedicated and enthusiastic community of players.

The “New Traders” section contains everything a newbie needs to get started, including game rules, explainers on commonly used terms, and how to buy and sell shares. There’s also a section for existing traders that is packed with helpful strategies and practical advice, which can be especially useful for those who wish to better their trading skills and maximise their profits. Finally, there’s the Community Forum where traders can interact with each other directly. Traders are automatically registered to it upon signing up to the Football Index, eliminating the need to create a separate account.


Keeping abreast of moment-to-moment news and happenings in the football world is crucial when trading on the Football Index. Veteran traders get their info from a variety of sources, but all agree that Twitter is fastest especially when it comes to transfer news and rumours. The Football Index community on Twitter is particularly active; a quick search of the hashtage #FICommunity will quickly find you relevant accounts and topics.

Signing up for a Twitter account is free, and keeping track of updates is easy with the mobile app. You may wish to scour the Index’s forums for curated lists shared by other traders to give yourself a basic idea of who the reputable influencers are. Following verified news accounts and sports journalists who regularly cover football can also prove highly beneficial.


Part-news aggregate, part-message board, Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet”. While not as fast as Twitter at breaking the news, Reddit is used by traders to read supplemental news articles and catch up on any headlines they might have missed. Users can also submit discussion posts, ask questions, and leave comments.

There’s a subreddit for practically every topic under the sun. The most useful ones for traders include r/soccer, r/football, and of course, r/FootballIndex.

Paid Data Analytics

Since its founding in 2015, the Football Index has gained enough of a following over the years to merit the opening of other websites dedicated to serious players who want historical data, statistics, expert analysis, and insights to supplement their trading decisions. Sites such as Football Index Edge, Football Index Analysis, IndexGain, and Football Index Trader are good examples of this. To access premium features such as detailed databases, spreadsheet templates, and reports, you’ll have to sign up as a member and pay a fee.

User-Generated Content

Blogs often cover subjects that official resources such as the Football Index Academy do not. These sites are run by seasoned traders who can offer perceptive, detailed guidance based on their knowledge and experiences on the Football Index. Examples of these include Football Index Blog run by Football Index Analysis, as well as IndexGain’s dedicated blog section.

You can also consume Football Index-related content on the go via podcasts or YouTube videos. Petrit Berisha’s Football Index Guide started as a YouTube channel dedicated to educating new Football Index users; it now also has a blog and a weekly podcast. There’s also High Wide and Handsome, a Football Index podcast hosted by long-time FI trader John Nellis. Both are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Remember: the football trader that has the most information wins. The tools listed above can give you an advantage, but only if you use them effectively.

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