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How Has Ladbrokes Survived to Be One of UK’s Longest Running Bookmakers?

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Ladbrokes is one of the UK’s highly regarded and popular bookmakers in the country’s entire betting and gaming history. Founded in 1902, the betting and gambling firm has shaped the gaming industry thus recording tremendous success many years upon its inception.

Many bookmakers have come and left the industry but Ladbrokes has survived against all odds to become one of the longest-running bookmakers in the UK.  Almost everyone in today’s competitive gaming and gambling industry wonders how the bookmaker has survived this long.

Here is why Ladbrokes has survived to become one of the oldest bookmaker in the UK.

Competitive Odds

Ladbrokes’ odds are quite competitive in comparison to the odds offered by other competing bookmakers in the industry. Find a detailed review here to help explain why the odds from one of the UK’s bookmakers are so competitive.

First, Ladbrokes treat new members with generous sign-up bonuses. New members also get a free bet, which is credited to their accounts once they sign up with the bookmaker. That allows new customers to place their first bet free of charge.

The other reason why odds from Ladbrokes are very competitive is that they give regular offers to existing members.  This encourages members to stick with the bookmaker. Rather than getting odds from other bookmakers, members feel motivated to stick with Ladbrokes’ odds instead.

Ladbrokes’ enhanced odds are ultimately, what make the odds from the bookmaker competitive. Offers from these enhanced odds are rated the best and most rewarding in the industry. These odds come with weekly promotions for both existing and new clients.

However, most bookmakers in the industry today offer promotion strictly to new members only. Most bookmakers don’t usually reward existing clients.

Apart from giving promotional offers to new members, Ladbrokes also gives attractive rewards and promotions to its existing clients. The existing clients find odds from the bookmaker very attractive and rewarding.

Again, Ladbrokes’ odds are higher compared to the industry standard on specific sporting events, making them highly competitive in the industry.

Lots oF Betting Markets

Ladbrokes’ enduring popularity is attributed to the numerous betting markets where customers can bet. Clients can bet on sporting events and competitions that are taking place in more than 40 nations. With such vibrant and vast markets, Ladbrokes will continue dominating the industry for many years.

The bookmaker doesn’t only excel in football competitions. As such, unlike most bookmakers who excel in one sport and thus can’t manage to survive long. For instance, Ladbrokes offers betting options on horseracing. The firm thus has horseracing fans covered since it gives them horseracing odds on tournaments taking place in France, South America, and other markets.

Ladbrokes has successfully diversified its betting markets since its inception. It explains why the bookmarker has tons of markets and still counting. More markets translate to more customers betting on Ladbrokes.

With more markets, Ladbrokes can offer a variety of betting options that suits every need. Whether it is cycling, basketball, boxing, golf, or whatever the betting option, the bookmarker has always had a market for every betting option.


Ladbrokes fully respected is the client’s safety and privacy for the century-plus it has been in the betting industry. Although the bookmarker has been collecting personal details like names, banking details, contact details, and crucial financial details since its launch, they have never misused or used these details for their gains.

With such a good reputation, customers have continued to join the platform in droves. Some bookmakers couldn’t even last half a decade since their inception because they compromised on their clients’ safety and privacy.

Even the new members who thought of signing up with them dropped the idea upon learning that their safety was being jeopardized by joining some of these infamous bookmarkers.

The fact that Ladbrokes has maintained a reputation of caring about its clients’ safety explains why they have been in the betting industry for this long.  As technology continues to shape the industry, Ladbrokes has deployed measures to keep their clients safe. That means new and existing customers will stick with them for several years moving forward.

Quick Pay-outs

Ladbrokes have always prided on its unrivalled ability to offer quick payouts.  Unlike other bookmakers and other betting sites, Ladbrokes’ clients don’t have to wait for days or follow lengthy processes to get their payouts.

Withdrawing your payouts is easy with Ladbrokes. Once you have won your bets and the money credited to your Ladbroke account, just use the provided withdrawal method to get your payouts in hours. The processing time will depend on the withdrawal option of your choice.

Great Customer Support

Even years before technology was integrated with the gaming industry, Ladbrokes had always strived to offer great customer support. The bookmarker has always addressed the clients’ concerns, consequently enabling their clients to solve their issues promptly.

Today, Ladbrokes’ customer service is rated the best in today’s betting industry. Its customer support team is adept at addressing clients’ concerns. Customer service has been made easier at Ladbrokes, courtesy of the newly launched and advanced live chat.

The live chat has seamlessly aided communication between clients and the customer support team. Irrespective of the market they hail from, customers can chat with Ladbrokes’ customer team in real-time and at any hour of the day.

Ladbrokes’ history of offering great customer service has depicted the bookmarker as ever-reliable. Clients don’t want a bookmarker who will respond to their queries after hours or even days. They just want a platform that can assist them to solve their betting problems as swiftly as possible.

Multiple and Secure Payments Methods

Since its launch, Ladbrokes has strived to provide its members with multiple and secure payment options. No matter where a client hails from, the bookmarker will always provide a payment option that is suitable and secure for the client.

Final Thoughts

Ladbrokes has been around for several decades for multiple good reasons. From the popularity the firm is gaining, the industry can only expect the bookmarker to be around for almost an eternity.

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