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The advantage of using Apps when betting

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Sports betting is a multi-billion pound a year industry so betting companies have to ensure they are at the forefront of the latest technological advancements to put themselves ahead of the competition.

Ten years ago, the vast majority of betting was done in betting shops or on home or office desktop computers. However, one of the most important pieces of new-age tech was the introduction of smart phones as mobile betting apps were a game-changer in the industry.

While most people still used desktop computers to place their bets in 2019, when looking at the mobile take of the betting share in Europe we found that more and more people are moving to mobile with over 40% using apps. This trend is expected to continue over the coming years with mobile betting on apps set to exceed desktop by 2025.

Let’s take a look at why mobile betting has become so popular and some of the advantages of using apps when betting:


People are glued to their phones these days so football fans know they can place a bet easily and quickly using a betting app without the need to go to their computer. With just a tap or two of your smart phone screen, you can access huge betting markets and get your bets on within minutes. Fans also know that by betting via apps, they can do it anywhere as long as they have mobile service. The added convenience is a major contributor to the growing popularity of betting on apps.

Special offers

Most bookmakers save their best offers and promotions for those players who bet via their app. What bonuses are available is a key factor when listing the best apps for football betting as fans expect to be rewarded for using apps. Betting firms will often use push notifications to inform users they have a bonus waiting or they’ve qualified for an offer so football fans know they won’t miss a promotion like they might if they used a desktop PC.

Live betting

A few years ago, live betting was only available on desktop PC or laptops but not any more. Anyone with a smart phone can now do their betting during matches via their app while watching the game at home, in the pub, in the street or even in the stadium. This can bring added enjoyment to watching games as you get the thrill of betting on the match while on the go.


Everything about using an app is faster when compared to desktop or even the traditional betting shops. Your phone will usually be with you at all times so you can place a bet in seconds via an app. You don’t have to wait to load up your computer, connect to the internet and log on to the website like do with PC’s, or travel to a betting shop and wait in line to place a bet. Transactions on mobile are often quicker as well and the payouts appear instantly in your account when the bet is settled.

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