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Wenger Is Drinking From A Glass Named Arsenal…

arsene wenger

Submitted by The Armoury

Oh my God. Oh my dear dear God. What sin did I do in my last life that I had to deserve this? Losing 2-0 to a cheap ass side like United. And losing, by not even trying to win. Yesterday we were showing the world what the word ‘lazy’ means. No character, no spirit, nothing.

When I saw the United side, I actually thought we could win. We could win and blow open the psychological title race. But now, it’s just the 1 trophy for us. 3 weeks ago it was 4, and now it’s 1. We’ll probably lose to WestBrom next week and make it 4 in 4.

I mean what is Wenger’s problem? What does he do? What the **** does he do apart from giving sad excuses? Above all, he starts mesmerizing Gooners and his players in such a way, that we believe him. He should go into voodoo, that’s where he is good. Not as a manager.

He is supposed to put out a team which should be balanced. All the guy is done is blindly pick any 11 out of a possible 18. Why did he not start with Eboue on the right? I have no clue. Evra would have been restricted and even Fabio would have to track back. Why can he not play Nasri as CAM? Nasri has the style of Zidane, who if I may add was a brilliant CAM. The guy(Nasri) can pick out a pass and even run at defenders. And why does he play assholes like Diaby and Denilson. Diaby I still get it. Maybe because he is big, but why Denilson? All Denilson will do is play a 10 yard pass anywhere but forward. How the hell did Denilson get into Arsenal I have no clue, I seriously don’t. I think they chose him because he was Brazilian. How badly can you suck man? The guy takes no initiative, does nothing. He is not a threat, all he does is add an extra pass to our 372 and counting passes.

And as for our beloved Manager…His tactics suck so badly, that sometimes I feel maybe I can do a better job. Its 3 weeks gone and 3 trophies out. All we have to play for now is the Premier League. 10 games, and 10 wins, will give us that title. BUT, in all honesty do you think we can win these 10 games? I mean, I have seen losses. Many losses. Some were humiliating, and some were marginal. But such a shallow loss against a cheap 3rd grade United side is just too much.

Our manager, yes I know the guy did a lot for Arsenal. He made Arsenal what it is today, and blah blah blah…But now I am sick and tired of this. “Wenger should not be fired, because he did blah blah for Arsenal” **** YOU! I have just had it with this guy. He is stubborn, he does not want to spend, and he holds up MY CLUB with his invisible chains. He does whatever he has to do with his dam chains, and we Gooners have to suffer year after year.

His life revolves around Arsenal, yeah right. Wenger is a man who is stubborn, and will not have it any other way even though his way is wrong. And yes, it ******g is wrong. You cannot be right for 6 years you know. I have written articles about believing in the man, and trust me I did believe in him. But now I have reached my breaking point.

If you have to say anything say it so that you believe in it. If Arsenal have to win against top teams, or any team for that matter, they require a man who is capable of instilling confidence in players, and deploying tactics! Wenger can do the former, but the latter, sorry I doubt it…Now it’s not that I hate the guy.  What Wenger did for the club was immense, and I agree, but this excuse is already 6 years old. Alright so he did what he did, but is that excuse good enough to save his ass all the damn time. Is it?

The worst part is that he has glued himself so tightly to the club that if he goes players will leave. Cesc shall leave, and again we have to start rebuilding our midfield because we will be one short in terms of quality and quantity. Then comes the question of who will replace Wenger?

God, this gets better and better every day. He has *****ed the club in terms of football, and has left a self-detonator when he leaves. And yet, I am supposed to trust him! In Arsene we Trust is seriously getting old now, and the best thing we should do is a good physio and trainer for each player. Kinda like Mickey or Duke in ‘Rocky’ for the team, because if Arsenal have to win anything this season it will be because of the team.

And lastly, what kind of board is the Arsenal board? For 6 years now the same thing is happening and yet they trust Wenger. Do they do anything useful apart from trusting Wenger? Do they have a list of candidates who they think suitable in replacing Wenger? Yeah right! The club is going through the Wenger era, and it will go on through it until Arsenal wins something. He bluffs us every season, with “Arsenal can win something”, and ends up doing nothing.

10 games between Arsenal and the Premier League trophy. 900 minutes, plus another 30 for added time. It’s now or never for the Gunners as the fate of Arsene Wenger hangs in the balance.





  1. kash

    March 14, 2011 at 10:26 am

    Arsenal have shown these past two weeks that they do not have a leader who can motivate the players or BIG GAME players. However I do think we’ve sorely missed Walcott and also Song. I really think until we purchase a centre back of the vidic or david luis no nonsense style we wont ever win anything. Everytime there’s a long ball played we can’t deal with it. I know schezny has been good but we need a experienced keeper. For the summer I would do this if I was Wenger.

    Out: BENTdner, Rosicky, Denilson
    In : Reina/Neuer, Gary Cahill, And A Striker like Hernandez who can score from the bench.

  2. Gunnertime

    March 14, 2011 at 10:44 am

    One of the common complaints of people saying ‘don’t critique the team we don’t have a right to win anything’ is that people don’t offer any constructive solutions.

    Well, here are a few things I believe need to change at Arsenal Football Club:

    1. We need to stop seeing the club as the same thing as either Wenger or Cesc or any star player. A football club is an enduring thing over centuries (hopefully), while managers, players, systems, tactics and styles all change in much quicker time frames. My dad always talks to me about how Barcelona 20 years ago were one of the dirtiest and hardest teams you’ve ever seen, look at them now! Asking our leaders to be accountable doesn’t mean we don’t love Arsenal. When you don’t care anymore is when you don’t love Arsenal.

    2. We need to practice set-piece defending and attacking as dilligently as our attacking play. Very rarely do we get steamrollered by a superior footballing force (only Barca can outplay us in a pure footballing sense). We give away the most goals to set pieces and score the least, which takes away so many options in a tough, tight game.

    3. We need to accept as a club when we play poorly and not buy into an excuse culture in which it is always someone else’s fault. Are we unlucky sometimes? Yes. Is every other club unlucky sometimes? Yes. Sometimes when you lose, just admit you were outfought, outthought or outplayed. That is real demonstration of mental strength because you come out with honour. Blaming all and sundry and then speaking of maturity or mentality doesn’t ring true.

    4. The way we train explosive players has be changed. We suffer an inordinate amount of muscle injuries over the course of a season. More recovery time for fast-twitch players (Theo, RVP, Nasri) and less overall time for players susceptible to strains (Cesc, Djourou, Diaby).

    5. We need to be comfortable mentally with the loss of our top players for big matches away from home and knockout matches. The management can help them by providing the template to play differently. If Cesc is missing for example try and sit a bit deeper, defend as we did against Barca and look to release our players on the counter. If RVP is missing bring width into play and get the midfield runners looking for any scraps in the box. Look at Man Utd’s goals on Saturday- they won’t be winning goal of the month. If our energy is low, stay more compact so we don’t expose our defense to 1-on-1 situations. These are tactics to supplement a guiding strategy.

    6. When things don’t start our way or if the momentum is going away from us, get stuck in. This means to each other by confronting anyone who isn’t gee’d up, sticking a tasty tackle in there or just putting some hard yards in. Look how excited we get when Jack grabs the ball of someone and goes on a run. Moments like that change the flow of matches. That is what being mentally strong is.

    7. Accept that there is life after Wenger and that any change is painful to start with. But if has taught us anything it’s that the club is stable, the desire is plentiful, the quality to get into the final stretch is there, but the key ingredient of belief is missing. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put in, if the same people are saying the same thing to the same group, the resonance and meaning can be lost. Look how difficult sometimes it is to get your family to change a behaviour, but you can much more easily persuade a relative stranger. Sometimes the group can be too close to change.

    Lets hope we can win the title, but we still need to look at improving these elements to stay competitive. With or without Wenger

  3. Roly

    March 14, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    I agree with all the anti Wenger comments. Im feed up, watching all fur coat and no nickers football. Personally I would get rid of Clichey,Sagna,Rosicky, Arshavin,Denilson,Song Abi diabi. The team likes to play attacking football using the left and right backs. If Clichey and Sanga live to be a hunderd they will never put a telling pass in the last third of the pitch.Song is a clumsy player. Clumsy players pick up to many yellow cards.Abi diaby takes to long to control the ball. That means by the time he controls the ball there is three of the opposition around him. He the tries to beat the three players. He cant, therefore he loses the ball. Actually Ithink he plays like a headless chicken. I could go on and on. Basicilly what Im trying to say is that the majority of the Arsenal team are just not up to task. Whos to blame for that? By the way, does Wenger make any money out of his transfer dealings? Chow 4 now

  4. gazzaxuk

    March 14, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    #6 nicky

    seems you have drunk the kool-aid wenger has been offering.

    sure, the gunners can play incredibly attractive football, wenger may be hailed as an innovator and the finder of talented youth, but at the end of the day trophies are what you are remembered for, what you are measured by and what the fans crave. it seems arsenal have repeated the same pattern the last few years, challenge on all fronts and then crash out of contention in a matter of weeks. it seems the players are too frail to endure a 60 game season, and wenger can only make excuses and point blame elsewhere to try and hide his and his teams shortcomings. 6 years with no silverware? i am surprised he still has a job, he must mix a great kool-aid!

    better luck next year!

  5. Dean

    March 16, 2011 at 3:07 am

    Arsenal has a weak spine, and Wenger won’t spend the dough to fix it. Akinfeev, Hangeland and Inler are the solution to all their problems. That would be the best team in England, and maybe Europe.

  6. Kenyan goon

    March 16, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    I totally agree with u…its time the board questioned wenger…..for 6 good years we haven’t won anything….even birhmingham has won the carling cup…thanx to us!!! le prof has been fielding a pathetic squad in both the fa and carling cup over the years,and thats y we haven’t won any of them.hez been taking both cups for granted,and when we were just about to win our first cup in 6 years,the curse strikes again!!!! even though koscielny and sczesny made a mistake, i don’t blame them wholly….if we had scored more goals,it would have been different.he should have digged in the market for a goal poacher,some1 whom u can depend on when u desparately need goals,rvp is injury prone and the other strikers are just a joke!!! if he not willing to dig deep into the market this time,then I think he should be fired.because freaks like diaby,almunia,chamakh,bendtner and denilson are costing us points seriously!!!! tottenham amd man city are coming hard and wenger doesn’t see that……for him its all a bout the profits!!!!!

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