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Ashley Young: United Close In On £25m Deal….But Is he Worth It?

Ashley Young Ashley Young of England in action during the international friendly match between England and Ghana at Wembley Stadium on March 29, 2011 in London, England.

As a child, Ashley Young was a devoted Arsenal fan. That isn’t the best introduction considering United’s fierce rivalry with the Gunners, but don’t worry, “They’re just another team” now according to the 25 year old who has been recently linked to a big money move away from Aston Villa to clubs including Manchester United and Liverpool.

Since joining Aston Villa in 2007, he has always been an attacking threat that is a nuisance for defenders to deal with. In his second season at Villa, Young managed 17 assists and nine goals, as well as every wingers’ ambition – to leave the defenders dizzy. However, despite winning Player of the month twice in 2008, many performances have been shaky and ineffective. His pace and dribbling abilities are obviously his strong points, but his strength and sometimes effort have let him down.

His recent performances for England have propelled him to a higher level however, and his impressive two games against Wales and Ghana have certainly changed my mind about him. In both international games he looked very bright, and one of England’s main threats as he thrived in the 4-3-3 formation – being given a more free and roaming role against Ghana in the absence of Rooney.

His club may not be having the best time this season; currently wavering in the midst of a relegation battle which, considering the players they have, is hard to believe, but he has impressed. 8 goals, 8 assists and attempting a total of 64 shots is ambitious and not bad going, and he has the spark to be a great winger. But is he good enough, do they need him and will he fit into the Manchester United side?

First of all, at that price, it’s a no go. A £25 million transfer fee and apparently, £100,000 a week wages is way too much for a player who rarely shines against top opposition. Yes, he can perform well against sides with poor defences – four goals against Blackburn and one each against Bolton and Wigan this season. He did score 1 each against against United and Chelsea, but from the penalty spot. Whether he has turned a corner whilst in an England shirt remains to be seen, but when United play in Europe, all of the players have to perform to progress.

I don’t think Nani will leave this summer, but if he does – which has been rumoured, Young wouldn’t be a bad replacement. He hasn’t had as good a season as Nani – who has been exceptional, but under Ferguson, he may be able to improve to United’s level. Ryan Giggs has extended his contract at United for another year, but if Young were to arrive before the Welshman’s departure, he could only benefit from a man who ruled the wings for about 20 years.

Pace, dribbling ability and superb crossing were exactly what Giggs possessed in his early to late twenties, but as Young is used more of a central threat and further up the pitch, he may become a better player. Even if Sir Alex has been given £100 million, the price is still a stumbling block as well as the proposed wages. The money, I believe should be used for a Paul Scholes replacement primarily, and then after that, perhaps a winger. A player like Wesley Sneijder should be priority.

Tell me what you think!

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  1. jonah

    April 2, 2011 at 11:24 am

    How arrogant. Not only assuming he will go to Utd, but having the nerve to name the price too!! IF he leaves it will be at Villa’s evaluation, not yours pal.

  2. Y@SH

    April 2, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    yeah well, 25 too much buddy..15 at most, contract expiring remember..even then nt worth more than 15 .,.

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  4. billy

    April 4, 2011 at 1:00 am

    Saying he doesn’t often score against big competition doesn’t say a lot. He plays for a struggling Aston Villa and when up against teams that overpower Aston Villa, of course Young isnt going to do as well. It would be easier for him to shine if he was on a top 4 team. Its like football 101 that a good player will usually play better when he has a better team behind him. Young has been fantastic for England because there are better players supplying him than he gets with a Milnerless and Barryless Aston Villa. Young would be a prime signing for any team.

  5. Callum

    April 4, 2011 at 8:27 am

    Man United dont need him i’d love him to come, but man utd already have Nani and i dont think Nani will leave if he does Young would be great but if nani stays no point paying 15-25m for a sub as we need a central midfielder and a goalkeeper.

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