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Cesc Fabregas; The New “Xabi”…

So we beat a Blackpool side who lets face it were going to give us a hell lot of chances because of the way they play. Now, the attention turns to Sunday where we face a Liverpool side, whose season has taken a turn because of Mr. Dalgish.

Anyway, more on that later. Yesterday, Cesc showed us why he is regarded so important at Arsenal. But more importantly I think he should us a new form of himself…

Among the very ‘few’ things I like about our manager is his ability to see what a player is good at, and what he is not. In an interview, Cesc did mention that AW told him to improve his defensive duties. That he must improve as a defender. And after yesterday’s game I finally understood why.

Wenger does not see Cesc as the man who should lead the team from the front. Rather he wants Cesc to control the game from the back. If you watched yesterday’s game, you will have probably noticed Cesc lying very deep. Quite unusual of him really. Not the usual Cesc who prefers to control the ball from the middle.

My suspicion also is that Guardiola sees the same thing or rather a blend of the 2 positions. Hence that’s why he wants him in Spain. You know, instead of Busquets or Mascherano who focus more on defending.

I liked the way Cesc played yesterday. He was given enough time at in the field, and he used it very well. Playing long balls, and controlling the game from the back, he was a delight in the first half. His ability to “see thing which others don’t ” can actually come into play from that position. He has a view of the entire field in front of him. All midfielders, and attackers and the entire opposition defense. So many options to pick out someone. I guess its like heavan for him !

That being said, I still don’t think the boss is going to push him to become a defensive midfielder. If that happens then we are putting a constraint on his ability. Something like Essien under Mourinho, or Khedira under Mourinho.

In comparison, a similar type of player is Xabi Alonso. The man’s club may have changed but yet he plays the same role in both clubs. Holding the ball in the middle or playing it upfront to Ronaldo or Higuain. I feel AW wants Cesc to inculcate the same thing. As an attacking midfielder, we already have Nasri, and Theo. Diaby on the other hand shall probably be the one playing the CAM role. He gave a good performance yesterday, and his usual trait is to go forward. So it squite intriguing actually…

Now this may be brought up later, so better clear it out now. Don’t get fooled by the illusion that he was playing as a CAM. The reason he was positioned at the CAM role is because our defense was maintaining a higher line than usual. Ordinarily he would be a CM, but the illusion is that he was playing CAM. Infact there was one point in the match, which witnessed Cesc get the ball in the middle of the park and subsequently 5 Arsenal players – Diaby, Nasri, RVP, Jack and Theo all in the a diagonal line (because of the camera in which they were showing it) ran forward at the same time.

The only problem with this tactic is that if lets say Cesc does start to play in that role, then: Diaby shall have to be benched, because Jack will play his role and alot of responsibility will be put on Jack to lead the team. Its going to be interesting to see what AW plays against Liverpool on sunday. Will Diaby start if Song returns, or will he go for the same team against Blackpool, with Sagna (if fit) coming in for Eboue.

Personally, I would like to see Cesc more often in this role. He looks like a complete player in this role, and its going to be a delight for us Gooners to see the man in full swing.


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  1. MistaKen

    April 11, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Did anyone see Liverpool tonight. We need to wake up fast if we are going to take all three points on Sunday.

  2. Arsenal Future Manager

    April 11, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    Team 2 Face Liverpool:
    Nasri Fab Walcot
    Wilshere Song/Diaby
    Clichy Kos Sqil Sagna
    Walcot n Nasri – 2 start on the wing there pace and skills would make liverpool’s wing back fink 2wise b4 going foward n if they do Walcots n Nasri’s pace would hurt them.
    Song/Diaby – Song is better defensively, but Diaby’s height would help us against Carrol.
    Sagna instead of Eboue – doe Eboue helped us with that goal Sagna is still for me better,

  3. GoonerEris

    April 12, 2011 at 12:03 am

    You may be right, Mistaken, but I saw it as them playing their best for the 3 points they were sure of; they wouldn’t be expecting a game as easy as that at the Emirates, you know. Relax; Arsenal would have too much for L’pool to have an easy ride.

  4. Mark

    April 12, 2011 at 3:55 am

    calling him Xabi is an insult. Cesc probably was found playing deeper a lot more in this game because BP were making it difficult for him to get the ball higher up the ground with their high last line of defense. and when BP defend so high up the ground, it only makes sense for cesc to go deep to get the ball and launch balls over the top of their last line of defense.

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