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Arsenal: Stand Your Ground And Fight

What I don’t understand about Arsenal is something which actually cannot be explained. We all know that our manager does some of the best transfers, and he is known for that. But yet, there are actually some issues which the club as a whole have to seriously address before we become a joke. Well, we have already become a joke, because we managed to slip into 3rd after weeks of “this is going to be the year”, and all that bull sh*t.

Our defense comprises of 4 defenders, and 1 goalie. In football, teams usually play this way if you didn’t know. 4 defenders and 1 goalie. Unless of course you are a Mourinho team which has 11 defenders!

We were 3-1 up, and we drew. Wenger will not be blamed for this, and honestly I too cannot ‘blame’ him. It’s not his fault his team play like a bunch of brainless baboons when it comes to defending!

But what is actually worrying me is that it’s the same issue every year. Arsenal are unpredictable, why? Because they give away leads for free. No discount…. just FREE! It’s like a bloody auction. 2 goal lead, going once..twice..sold to Spurs. 4 goal lead, going once twice, thrice and sold to Newcastle.

He should sit down, and talk to his players about how to defend leads. Be it 1 nil, or even 4 nil. Anyone will say 4-0 is better than 5-1, anyone. It shows you are a miser, and you will not concede. It’s so plausible. If you don’t concede, you may or may not score, either way you are gaining points.

I cannot understand what it is going to take to drill into the head of the Arsenal coaching staff that defense is key, and outscoring your opponent is not always the number one aim. What is the use of having the best defense if the team itself does not know how to defend. It’s like giving a baby the keys to a brand new Porsche.

It’s in the blood of Arsenal to play attractive football, and nobody refutes that. But its becoming a very, very ominous sight to see the scoreboard changing in Arsenal games in favour of other teams. And I am tired of being depressed on weekends! Lets face it, its delight in the eyes of a neutral, but in the eyes of Gooners not only is the clubs reverential status falling, but also their own personal pride in saying that “I Support Arsenal FC.”

A philosophy is always good, but when you have the same philosophy for a decade, it can be read. Our invincible team were ruthless, and miserly. They did not give up leads so easily as the current Arsenal squad does. Season after season it is the same old Arsenal. Playing attractive football, but going nowhere. It’s like a merry-go-round.

Look at Real Madrid, just look at them now. Mourinho enters the building, and set up his defense, so they do not conceded against FC Barcelona. As I have said before, if you don’t concede you will always get something, and what did they get ? Their first trophy in a long time. There is a quote given by a famous American architect, Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright “There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.” And how ‘Wright’ can he be.

Nobody is asking the club to change its stance on the way football should be played. Infact, that is the way Football should be played, so keep that up. Barcelona won 6 titles by playing the same style of football, so in no way is it faulty. However, at the same time, the club have to learn how to defend, and that probably means going back to basics, because as far as I am concerned Arsenal suck at defending. And if you want any clarification ask any Gooner, whether he or she feels Arsenal throw away leads too much.


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  1. Hadley

    April 22, 2011 at 11:26 am

    So the team has thrown away a few leads this year, that shouldnt make anyone feel less pride about saying they support the club. Only weak, plastic idiots feel like that. Stuff what the media and everyone else says, Arsenal is the greatest club in the world and there is so much to be proud of about the club. Its about time some of these weak ‘supporters’ started standing up and fighting for the club instead of whinging and going along with the media that is enjoying seeing us suffer.

    A few annoying results will never take away my pride in supporting the Arsenal.

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