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6.5 % Increase…..where does all the money go ?

Hello Gooners, How are we today ? I am going to keep this post as short and as informative as possible, so let’s get to it. As I scrolled through the Arsenasphere today I was made aware of something which I always wanted to talk about – The tickets at the Emirates. AST has come […]

Hello Gooners, How are we today ? I am going to keep this post as short and as informative as possible, so let’s get to it. As I scrolled through the Arsenasphere today I was made aware of something which I always wanted to talk about – The tickets at the Emirates.

AST has come out today and said quite frankly that the new 6.5 % hike in ticket prices “will price loyal fans out of the Emirates.”

“The AST is very disappointed at this increase. The Arsenal board are clearly out of touch with today’s economic climate and have taken a decision which will price loyal supporters out of the Emirates.

“The AST does welcome Ivan Gazidis’s acknowledgement to us that prices are too high, and that he will work with us over the next year on a thorough review of all ticketing strategies and prices at Emirates Stadium.”

We all know Arsenal play pretty football. But at the same time we also know that Arsenal charge the highest ticket prices in the league. I did a quick check-up on this, and well, this is what I found. The cheapest Arsenal season ticket (£893) is more expensive than Liverpool’s most expensive season ticket  (£785 ). That alone explains alot…

I know the AST has a point, and I am really happy that Ivan has ensured that he shall sit down and try to chalk out some better solution (although, I am not sure how soon that is going to be), but the problem is this ‘solution’ is going to be long term and if we choose to be pragmatic and logical there is no real short term answer….


Now there is a point that I want to make and although it may be a bit inappropriate with this post, it has to be said. It’s something that a friend of mine pointed out to me. We were discussing whether the boss should leave or stay, ( I’ll post my verdict on that soon) and it was then that he said “Arsenal fans are very apprehensive about ticket prices and their continuous augmentation. Thats all right, and I have no problem with that. But at the same time these are the same fans who say that Arsenal should spend alot in the transfer market, and buy good players.”

Hmmm….if you think about it the git has actually got a case. Good players do come at a price. I mean even Lille are holding out for at least 20 ml for Hazard, and Bolton have already placed an 18 million tag on Cahill. If the fans want the club to sign a ‘Cahill’ and the manager to spend “BIG”, where do they think the club is going to get the money from?


Overall, it is not fair for some Gooners who really have to spend alot to see a match at the Emirates, and I really do feel for these guys. They are the ones who chant, shout and sing, and if they are not able to attend matches anymore then Arsenal will certainly be missing something this season.

Let’s hope the board comes to a decision fast on this issue, although realistically I don’t expect anything from them this season. The price hike looks quite certain in my eyes, so let’s just hope the ‘real’ Gooner fans can still afford to make the games next year.


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  1. Gooner

    May 5, 2011 at 12:46 am

    The easiest way to raise money is to sell all the junk we have, starting with Almunia and Randall.
    Denilson next. Mannone may also have to leave.

  2. Gunzblazzin

    May 5, 2011 at 1:35 am

    Dont you guys ever get it, they are just robbing everyone and they have been doing it for so many years, and then they make another excuse to rob you even more, they get all your money and what do you get in return NOTHING, wake up and dont buy their bullshit tickets, if worse comes to worse just watch the game on telly and dont take it too seriously because its become a big joke, its all a money making buisiness and they dont give a crap about you or me, WAKE UP EVERYBODY and dont be FOOLED by THEM. peace out.

  3. ryan

    May 5, 2011 at 2:03 am

    we already make enough money to buy big signings but wenger chooses not to. he’s said ever since we moved to ashburton grove that if he wants a player he can have him and he has money to spend. now when he doesn’t spend it and the prices go up anyway it’s to fund transfers? you actually think wenger will suddenly start spending all our extra money if we increase ticket prices? won’t make an ounce of difference. we already had money to spend, whether or not we have more is besides the point

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  5. bob

    May 5, 2011 at 8:11 am

    wengers salary !

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