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Tottenham: Injuries To Blame? Plus Hero & Villains Of The Season

To me it’s a bit surprising that Tottenham find themselves fighting for a Europa league spot considering only a few months ago they were being considered as title contenders.

Is it the Injuries?

The first question about Tottenham’s ‘stamina’ in the title race is simply whether they have enough dept in their  squad. Looking at the team, it looks quite weak with injuries to regular absentee Gareth Bale, Palacios’ knee troubles along with Modric, Huddlestone and Gallas’ regular time on the treatment table.

The long season has certainly taken a toll on the Spurs players and now more and more injuries are kicking in for Harry Redknapp to handle, with Gareth Bale’s injury against Blackpool ending his season early perhaps being the epitome of their troubles.

Tottenham: Opposite of Liverpool

Surely Tottenham remind you of the opposite of Liverpool’s season, no? You can see it as this way, Tottenham went off the blocks pretty quickly… well you can see the tables for yourselves!




So that’s been Tottenham’s story in figures, but who have been the main players of Tottenham’s season?

The Heroes And Villains For Tottenham This Season

Gareth Bale (Hero)

I think that he was immediately being overrated the moment he brought comparisons to Barcelona’s very own Lionel Messi, because the fact is that Messi is simply a different class.

But this isn’t exactly what I intended, as I actually want to praise Gareth Bale for his season. He has indeed had a wonderful season down the left flank for Tottenham so he is a hero for the Spurs this season.

Rafael Van der Vaart (Hero)

VdV has had a pretty up and down season, because he does restrict Tottenham’s formation and he has had his fair share of injury troubles but Van der Vaart has brought goals and assists aplenty for the Spurs this season. Look at the facts, he has been a  very effective player.

Huerelo Gomes (Villain)

Only one player makes my list as he has dropped so many points for Tottenham this season. Who can forget the mistakes? Especially the most recent one’s against Chelsea and Blackpool. When a team is fighting for a champions league spot, you can’t afford for your goalkeeper to be making mistakes in key games, simple.

So that’s all from me.

Submitted by Sayonara from Two Liverpool Fans




  1. michael

    May 11, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Bit hard to say injury crisis when they have such a large squad, more like a lack of quality were it counts.

  2. Peter4Spurs

    May 11, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Sack Harry (I said this when he joined – worthless man), Keep Pav and get rid of VDV, Bale, Crouch, Gomez, Defoe, O’Hara, Bently, JJ, Paclios, Bassong, this should generate about £100million and then get a manager who knows how to run a team .. i.e. José Mourinho and then see us fly (oh and I hope we don’t get Europa football, let Liverpool burn out playing in the tin pot cup), these are games we should have won (MC 1 – Spurs 0) etc., but bad management, bad team selection, inactivity in two transfer windows, buying the wrong players (Pinnar when we already have a better player in Kranjcar as just one example) … No we need to change from the top down .. and that includes Levy who also needs to go… And my comments are not rubbish or anything like that, they are based on fact and not blinded like some … I see what is weak and say it as most fans are now starting to do .. few wanted Harry in the first place, most decent managers could have got us to CL it only took a bit of confidence in the players and by the players. Harry was in the right place at the right time but like MJ is a nearly man … we need the best and that will never be Harry. Bale cannot keep up with the hard English game and would play better in say Italy, the English sides just put 2 or 3 players on him and he is done for and played out of the game. VDV was not wanted by Real as he was (like here) a 2 min wonder who cannot even take a good free kick… how many goes does he have to have before he scores? Levy might be a good accountant but his closed cheque book policy is stopping us from getting the best players so we have to hunt the bargain basement and land up with people like Crouch, Defoe etc. that is why Harry was bought in and that is why we will never be at the top all the time because he is a bargain basement man .. We need WINNERS not ‘might be winners’. Stop shutting your eyes and hoping it will all be better next year – IT WON’T as long as we carry on like this, look at what a good manager can do – where were Liverpool at the half way point and where were we?? now what has happened … what will happen is Harry will buy Foster, Cole and most other lower team players (Parker comes to mind) or upper team rejects (Cole) … No get rid of Harry before it all goes backwards.

    • j

      May 11, 2011 at 8:39 pm

      SELL BALE AND VDV, well you dont know anything about football… :/

    • usahotspur

      May 11, 2011 at 9:57 pm

      i stopped reading after your sell vdv and bale comment…are you mad? closet gooner

    • Ben

      May 12, 2011 at 12:50 am

      @Peter4Spurs – you are so deluded its untrue! You know absolutely nothing about football whatsoever other than the names of a few players and managers! There are things on so many levels that I could rip apart in your argument, but I’m not a Spurs fan so I can’t be bothered.
      A couple of points though:
      Those players would never raise £100 million!! Bale would be the only big money player! Maybe £40 milion, so where would the other £60 million come from?
      Mourinho would not leave Real to go to a club not in the CL, not competing for their own Championship and apparently not spending big cash. Plus I like that you had to google his name to spell it right!! It was obvious as you left the accent on the ‘e’ on Jose!
      No the Europa isn’t great, but it helps attract players as most want to play in Europe. Yes they want the CL, but if you’re not even in the Europa league then it doesn’t look like you’ll be making the Champions League anytime soon (not necessarily true, just how it looks).
      You use NO facts!
      To say anyone could have got you to the CL and Harry was in the right place at the right time is ridiculous! You were rock bottom when he took over! It took a colossal effort to get to 4th! So ungrateful and fickle!!
      I don’t watch enough of Bale or VDV to really comment, but it sounds like once again you’re talking crap! Look at all the conversion rates of all players for goal scoring from free kicks before you spout that nonsense! Most don’t go in!! Its not basketball!!!!
      Yeah we all like our clubs to spend lots of money, but maybe Levy doesn’t have an endless pot of gold and is playing it safe? Ask Portsmouth and Plymouth fans if its a good idea to spend what you can’t afford!
      The only thing I agree with you on is Redknapps transfer policy. I think he collects players he likes, and doesn’t target problem positions! If you had money for Charlie Adam in January surely you must have had money for a goalie, centre back (who doesn’t require a wheelchair after 90 mins), or a striker? I think he will go for Joe Cole and pay £6 million in the process which is stupid. He doesn’t need him, has bigger problems than midfield (where you’re strong), but will love the bringing back of an old pal thing as well as showing Cole he was wrong to chose Anfield last summer (great business for Liverpool)!
      Anyway, wrote more than I intended so goodnight!

  3. Chambers

    May 11, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    The team just isn’t good enough.You can’t be CL material just by saying you are!Fans from day one were carried away with the hype that Spurs were going to “sweep the world” this season. It was a fluke ( as many said then) and a fluke it has turned out to be. Sad , but you’re just not good enough……

    • npepper

      May 11, 2011 at 10:49 pm

      How can you fluke a whole season?! We came up just short this season but the squad is still strong and will improve next season. COYS.

  4. Paul

    May 12, 2011 at 1:54 am

    Too many draws at home – simple. Complacency and too much confidence taken from off the back of the CL. Big hangovers after big games and lack of fire power up front. Gomez saved a lot more than he fluffed but Spurs deserve better in goal. Defence was fickle mainly due to Corluka and Hutton being shit. Need a good right back. Pleas don’t buy another bloody midfielder Harry… Are you stupid? Firepower in the shape of a strong striker (drogba would be nice), a Goalie and a couple of solid defenders like Gallas, Dawson and Benni. Thank you

  5. Mark

    May 13, 2011 at 10:52 am

    There are many factors that we can blame for our season, Gomes’ many blunders, strikers not scoring, tired from our CL games, injuries etc etc. But i think why we haven’t made the top 4 again was summed up by Gallas who honestly stated that we went into games against the lesser opponents thinking we had won already and not approaching these games looking for a fight, and this showed on the pitch as quite alot of these games we looked like relegation candidates not CL contenders.

    At the start of the season, everyone was harping on about our strength in depth and how we had one of the deadliest strike forces, now apart from Keane leaving in Jan its still been the same ‘strong’ squad all season, and players dont simply become bad over night.

    As well neither do managers. I am so shocked how fickle some of you fellow spurs fans are with Harry! Last season we were all singing his praises and now a number of u want him sacked?! We all knew that getting 4th would be harder this time round with City splashing their millions, but the positives to come out of it are that if had of performed better in the games we should have won, we would have romped 4th and possibly got 3rd.

    We are by no means in the CL wilderness, we have a good team capable of getting back there next season. With a few positions strengthened and some of the deadwood cleared we can treat next season as a fresh new start and use the experience of this season to give us our hunger and focus back!!


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