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Why Fabregas Will Leave Arsenal A Hero, And Nasri Won’t

Arsenal seem to be a club under huge pressure from some fans to keep their midfield duo, while others feel its time to cash in on the want-a-way duo. Here’s me discussing one key aspect of them leaving; STATUS.

First difference for me is definitely the length and passion that Fabregas has given to the club, compared to Samir Nasri. Personally I think that Samir Nasri leaving is far more hard to deal with for the Gunners, reason being that Fabregas has already sacrificed so much for them to keep them a top level club. He has worked his absolute socks off to firstly get into the first team, and then to lead his team out there on the pitch. To me, after so many empty handed seasons pains him.

The fact that he only has a FA Cup and a Community Shield cup to his silverware is absolute testament for it, and he would have nothing else but for his Spanish blood, where he managed to win both the EURO 2008 and World Cup 2010 with them. To me, the Spaniard has earned the right to (finally) leave for his dream move. And I’m very sure that Arsenal fans will respect him for that.

Nasri, on the other hand, came in for 12 million pounds and immediately came out with a statement:

The fact that Arsène Wenger gives great opportunities to young players is very important for me. Arsène has a great reputation and he is one of the best managers in the world

So the manager whom snapped you up turned you into an International icon (at least among Gunners fans). Can’t you be at least respectful enough to stay for at least 2 more years? Nasri is almost the polar opposite of Fabregas. He has been inconsistent and the fact that this year was the year that he (finally) shone for Arsenal says something.

And instead of repaying Arsenal (and Arsene) for this “great opportunity”, he has instead gone down the route to get more money. And after people lamented him for being a cash obsessed footballer, he came out saying that he will only stay when Arsene Wenger goes out and splashes the cash.

To me, Fabregas is a legend for staying with Arsenal for so long. Nasri, he’s a villain.

Submitted by Two Liverpool Fans


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