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Fans Every Right To Boo Players & Especially Wenger….

As a supporter sometimes you just have to face the truth. And to do that one just has to accept certain facts. To call what you see is very simple to do, as long as you are not partial to one side. That afternoon at the Emirates when a packed stadium booed its players off the ground, it was something worth applauding for. Yes, you read it right, worth applauding for.

Tell me. Are they wrong? Are they disloyal fans? What is wrong if they boo their own team in their home ground because of a lousy, lack-lustre performance against a side which thinks it plays ‘soccer?’ There is no difference between the Arsenal of 2010 or 2011. Both are useless at defending and clueless after a certain point, about attacking.

Where teams have re-cooped, adapted and ‘changed,’ all Arsenal have done is stalled and waited. And for what? There is nothing new to see at this club, nothing new. It is the same old sh*t every f*cking season. EVERY damn season. We are promised that the team is ready and that the team will finally step up. A promise good to hear, but one which is hollow and weak…

I am happy that the team was booed off at the Emirates. And I am even happier that Wenger was booed. A man which such a fat ego who just refuses to accept that he CAN get it wrong, that even he is Human. People make mistakes but if you don’t know it’s a mistake, it’s not a mistake.

There are certain players around which a team revolves. For instance In Real Madrid, its Cristiano Ronaldo, Ozil, Kaka etc, for Barcelona its Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa. On the other hand if you consider us its RVP, Fabregas, and that bloke Nasri.

Among the 3 above mentioned 1 is very injury prone and 2 are unsettled. So here is the question. What on earth have Arsenal been doing over the course of the summer?

Can someone help me figure this out, SERIOUSLY.

Submitted by The Armoury

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