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Arsene’s Next Move: Spend, Promote or Change Tactics?

I was saddened to see Cesc Fabregas leave Arsenal as I wasn’t expecting him to leave this season. I was so confident that he would stay that I made a bet at the end of last month that we would see him capta…

I was saddened to see Cesc Fabregas leave Arsenal as I wasn’t expecting him to leave this season. I was so confident that he would stay that I made a bet at the end of last month that we would see him captaining Arsenal this season. But he’s gone now, he gave arsenal eight years of great service and he will be sorely missed but it’s now time for Arsenal to move on.

As Wenger built the side around Fabregas, I believe the team may struggle as no-one can replicate the service he provided to Arsenals attacking players. Statistics have showed that the teams win percentage decreases when he isn’t in the line up. So what now for Arsenal?

External Recruitment

Many fans will be calling for Arsenal to spend the money made from the Fabregas sale on a player who’s experienced and able to take over the creative duties. Many names have been suggested by the media including Mata and Jadson however Wenger ruled them out in his press conference this week.  A player who I would like for Arsenal to try and purchase is Wesley Sneijder but I don’t see it happening as he’s not your typical Wenger signing.

Acquiring new players will also depend on whether we qualify for the Champions League. Failure to qualify would be a catastrophe as it would lead to Arsenal not being able to buy the ‘super quality’ players Wenger wants, and the £25m we would receive if we win the tie would give Wenger the extra cash to invest in a new DM and a striker.

Frankly I don’t see Wenger being able to sign a player to match Fabregas’ quality so I see him using one of the many centre midfielders he has at his disposal.

Internal Recruitment

The players who can perform for Arsenal in the hole behind the striker are: Rosicky, Ramsey, Wilshere, and Arshavin. All those players at one point have played in the centre attacking midfield position, except for Arshavin who should at least be given a few games in that role to see how he plays as the other mentioned players have never really performed.

Before he came to Arsenal, Arshavin used to play behind the striker, so he would be more than capable of excelling in that role. I however don’t see Arshavin getting a chance to make his mark there as Wenger prefers playing him on the wing.

Rosicky played in that position last season and he didn’t exactly impress either. This season however, Wenger has placed him in a better position alongside Song and he’s played well in the few games we’ve seen.

Ramsey is a player I rate highly, who I know for a fact would have been playing alongside Song last season instead of Wilshere if it wasn’t for the recovery process involved in his horrific injury.

He still hasn’t recaptured his form, but with the departure of Fabregas, he could rediscover it and forge an impressive partnership with Jack Wilshere. We saw a glimpse of them playing together when they ran the midfield against Manchester United at the Emirates last season, and this is the option I would choose if I was the Arsenal manager, if not, play Rosicky along with Song and Wilshere ahead of them.

Change of Formation to 4-4-1-1

I doubt Wenger would do this but I would love if he bought a very good striker, possibly Benzema, who would partner Arsenal’s new captain, Robin Van Persie in attack. I know RVP is great as a lone striker as he showed last season but he has tendencies to drift out of the danger area, leaving our full backs and wingers with no-one to supply crosses to.

If Wenger buys a great striker it would allow Van Persie to play like his idol, Bergkamp. He already has his shirt number, and now it’s time for him to play in his role behind the striker. This I believe, would be a better option than the ones I’ve already mentioned, but again, I don’t believe Wenger would consider this option because it would halt the progress of Ramsey and if he was to change formation he would have done so in pre-season.

To conclude, I hope Wenger doesn’t build a team around one player because that’s why Arsenal seem to be collapsing. The invincible team was great because it had 11 quality players performing, and many more on the bench. It is time now for Arsenal to work as a unit just like they did in 2007-08 season after Thierry Henry left. Wenger is already looking to the future with the acquisitions of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain,  Carl Jenkinson, Ryo Miyaichi and the promotion of several youngsters into the first team like E. Frimpong, Henri Lansbury and Benik Afobe. I support building for the future but at the moment we need more experienced players.

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  1. reece

    August 18, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    benzema is unavailable… period stop talking about him

  2. Byron

    August 18, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    If I have heard of him I am fairly sure Wenger wont sign him!

    That though is not a bad thing I had never heard of Henry or RVP

  3. Judith Le'Strange

    August 18, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    I somehow can’t see Wenger spending anymore money before the end of the transfer window so hopefully we’ll be out of the CL by then & have lost to Liverpool as well as Man U, then perhaps the Board will do something about Wenger and install a new manager who will identify the players we need & get the board to sanction their purchase.

    • Mike

      August 18, 2011 at 3:18 pm

      Do you really think it is Wenger who is being overly timid with the money. Bare in mind he is not the one to benefit from the club making a profit, it is the Board. There are also quite strong suggestions coming from Arsenal that the Board would prefer the money from Nasri then let him go for free.

    • para

      August 18, 2011 at 3:23 pm

      By then it will be too late to buy any players, and by Jan when the window opens again, we will be so far behind that we will not catch up again.

  4. JEL

    August 18, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Wilshire now owns Fabs old position, so we would not be finding a replacement for Fabs position, but for Wilshire’s position. We really don’t need anymore creative type players in our midfield as we have enough of them. What we need is another combative midfielder like what City have in Yaya Toure who can add some power to our team. My number one choice would be M’Villa from Rennes, who is an amazing and powerful player..

  5. Mike

    August 18, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    The problem is we don’t currently have any remarkable players coming through the ranks. This is evident with Arsenal willing to sell most of their ‘promising’ youngsters at a fairly low cost. For all of our defensive problems, if we had a midfield comparable to Barcelona we could play whoever we wanted in defence and still win, as Barcelona played Mascherano as CB in UCL final and had no worries. Jack Wilshere can not be compared to Fabregas yet. He had one sensational season in which he cemented his place behind Fabregas. Not as the creative hub, but as the box to box player. Rosicky can play well for 10 minutes and then is largely lost. We need 2 new players in midfield (perhaps one seen as a direct replacement to Cesc and the other a promising youngster). A winger to replace Nasri. A striker to challenge Chamakh for the sub bench. A CB is important, but this is the one position where we do have players who are coming through i.e. Miguel, Bartley and Jenkinson. Oh and how could I forget, SONG IS USELESS.

  6. Anthony Timothy

    August 18, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    I believe the problems are Wenger’s insistence on pretty soccer and his refusal to get experienced epl players.The gunners like to engage in endless passing and are reluctant to shoot from outside the box.
    When Henry was around shots were made from outside the box and goals flowed in.
    His continued reluctance to pay the market rate for the cd could cost the gunners dearly.
    If he is sacked ,he should blame himself and nobody else.In truth he’s becoming a joke among the epl managers.The greatest joke would be finding himself redundant.It can happen.

  7. Not Happy

    August 19, 2011 at 6:18 am

    Unfortunately, like it or not, Arsene is the man squarely on the hook for the players on the team and the performance of the team. No one else, Just Arsene.

    The last few months of last season our team essentially collapsed. Morale was a disaster and many players voiced their unhappiness at the lack of experienced players and Arsenes management style. Many decided to leave and were quite vocal about the reasons.

    Arsene and the Board met and agreed that changes were needed to bolster the team roster. CHANGES WOULD BE MADE and ARSENE was given a pot of money to spend to bring in experienced players so saith Ivan and Arsene.. I understood it was in the area of $ 50 million pounds. Before counting any money from
    the sale of players in the summer.

    Since then Arsenal have brought in Gervinho, a winger. Thats it, thats all in terms of experienced players being added to the squad.

    ARsene dithered with Cesc and Samir but when it became clear that no other players were coming in they both confirmed they wanted to leave.

    Rather than convincing our Captain to stay thru positive actions and creative negotiating with Cesc and with Barca he simply acquiesced and essentially gave away the worlds best midfielder, GAVE him away for somewhere in the area of $35 million dollars. Worse the money for this cheap bid is to be paid in INSTALLMENTS not up front.

    Arsene should be shot for this unmitigated fiasco. Unbelievable…

    Why didnt Arsene run a little auction between the 4 teams who he said wanted CESC. Let Cesc talk to each team to see if he found any offers to be of interest. This would also force Barca to face the fact that Cesc is a valuable commodity and that they would have to pay up if they wanted him. It would also open Cescs eyes to how badly Barca were relly treating him. The sad fact is the package offered to Samir by Man C is far superior to what Barca are offering Cesc. Samir gets a $5 million signing bonus. Cesc gets to GIVE UP $5 million to Arsenal of money he is owed by Arsenal and TAKE A PAY CUT to join BARCA. How unbelievably poorly Wenger has handled the Cesc situation. He has left $ millions of pounds on the table as well as failing to ask for makeweight players that could potentially fill some of our roster holes.

    As if this fiasco, that is the only way to describe it, wasnt enough, rather than convincing Samir to stay he alienates him as well and appears to be selling him for $22-25 million pounds.
    Again, no makeweight from ManC to fill in a roster hole.. Will this money be paid upfront? Based on past performance who can tell.

    So here we are; one week before the end of transfer season, a day before we play a huge game with Liverpool in league play and 4 days before we play another Champions League game in Italy
    which is worth to the team about $25 million pounds. Major pressure on the
    team and on Arsene to win this game. Is Arsene prepared and is the team prepared for this important game???
    I leave the answer to this question to you.

    What is the condition of the team:

    a. short 2 1st string players because
    of suspension
    b. short 2 best players who have been
    c. short another 2 players who want to
    leave the team still;
    d. short another 2 1st string players
    who picked up injuries in the
    Tuesday night Champions League game.

    The team we are fielding against Liverpool will be one of the WEAKEST,
    ARSENAL teams in the past 15 years.

    We are trying to assemble a team which will undoubtably include 2 if not 3 rookies with less than 1 game of premier league experience. Incredible.

    The Arsenal team that will face our Italian opponents 4 days later will be a little better as the two suspended players will be able to play.

    SO WHO, one might ask, is responsible for allowing the team to deteriorate to this degree? Arsene….

    Who is responsible for bringing in new talent to replace players who have left, have been sold or just plain needed? Arsene…

    Who is responsible for the total mismanagement of the Fabregas situation resulting in us essentially giving away a world class player for perhaps $15-20 million less than he could otherwise have had or better yet, keeping the player on our roster this season? Arsene…

    Who is responsible for putting Arsenals Champions league credentials in such a dangerous state? ARSENE…. We lose the Champions League status and we will have a terrible time attracting new players. Not that we have tried to take advantage of our credentials.

    Who is responsible for putting $ 25 million euros of Arsenals revenue in such a precarious position, in danger of being lost to the club? Arsene…

    This man has been running the Arsenal organization as his personal fiefdom doing whatever he feels like doing rather than what is necessary for far too long, No longer can we trust what he promises as actions he will take. He has burned us repeatedly in the last 4 months saying one thing then doing nothing.

    If the Board does not make him acquire a couple of key players before the next Championship game and worse, should he not acquire any experienced players before the transfer window closes we should petition Stan to turf the whole lot of them.

    I hope Stan realises what a potential disaster the Arsenal asset he recently purchased could become in the next week.
    Should these things come to pass, no new players, loss of Champions League status and, the loss of tens of millions of pounds of assets of the Arsenal FC thru utter mismanagement Stan should quite rightly take the actions available to him as the majority

    • man u supporter

      August 19, 2011 at 7:15 am

      u’ve all gone f##king mental!!!!!!!!!!
      arsenal r sh#te

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