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Arsenal Fans: Reasons To Be Optimistic….

We wanted to see our new signings in action and a win. We got both! Mertesacker, Arteta, Benayoun put in a brilliant shift. AND, it was a much needed win. After starting the season in nothing short of a disastrous way, we’re finally seeing some hope. Was there an element of luck in that win? Sure, I’d say. If you saw the only goal of the match scored by Arshavin, it was an awful clanger by Vorm the Swansea keeper.

His absent mindedness would’ve probably brought back fond memories of Big Almunia in some of your minds! But, Arshavin wasn’t unattentive. As soon as he saw the ball and saw Vorm out of his line, he took a brilliant shot and just curled the ball into the net. Yes, it was a gift but a brilliant finish nonetheless. Arsenal 1-0 up right before half-time.

If any club loses three major players in one summer, it’s pretty hard to rebuild. Not only you need good signings to fill the gaps, you need  good spirit in the squad and a lot of confidence to turn back and just get into the season.

How did Arsenal start the season? Apart from Gervinho, no new signings till the last minute. Players leaving left, right and center. Zero confidence throughout the squad. Suspensions and injuries…horrific situation. On the top of that, fans were angry, really enraged from the lack of signings. In one sentence, we started the season with plenty of negative stuff around. Losing to Liverpool and Man U just added more insult.

Now, I am not saying that after winning against Swansea, we’ve got past all that, we’ve turned back…no. But, things are starting to look good. Our new signings, albeit on first look, looks right in place. Certainly they’ll need more time to gel together with the team. Important players are returning ala Song and Gervinho. Wilshere and Vermaelen are big miss but we now have resources to cope. Young players like Gibbs, Frimpong and Ramsey seems to have stepped up, they are looking quite mature. Fans are looking quite happy at the moment seeing the new gunners in the squad! There’s a hint of the famous Arsenal resilience in there. We are slowly but surely arranging things around.

The way we held on defensively after the goal looked impressive. The defence didn’t look shaky, especially from set-pieces. I am sure if this was last season, we would’ve lost, or atleast drawn the same match. We were a bit short in the creative department. But, a midfield of two teenagers and a new signing  did as much as they can. The midfield covered for the defence well. Sure there are room for improvement in every department, but right in this moment things are starting to look like they are falling right into pieces.

We have two very important games next week against Borussia Dortmund and Blackburn. I am sure we can get good results out of both games, God willing. Win in both games will be a huge mental boost, both for the fans and the squad. So, looking forward to that!

As for gooners reading this article, let’s get behind the team. They need our support. Last night a reporter asked Arteta if he thinks Arsenal can challenge for titles this season…here’s what he says.

“When you play for Arsenal, it’s obligatory to win trophies and be right at the top. We’re confident that we can do that.” Now, that’s the spirit Mikel! He’s quickly becoming my favourite player! Just like him, I’m sure there are good times ahead!

Last words, don’t get disheartened seeing both Manchester clubs getting a flying start. Remember Chelsea last season? If we can do our things right, we won’t need to look towards them. And the best thing? Tottenham is STILL behind us! Right where they belong!

Submitted by Tahseinur Rahman from @OAlmasri


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