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Fergie – Sell Carrick & Rio, Buy A Playmaker & Use This Season As A Transitional Year

Guest blog by a Man Utd fan: Following our total humiliation at the hands of City, Sir Alex had some thinking to do and he obviously read my blog of the game because Rio Ferdinand and Anderson were singled out and dropped.

As Ashley Young and Chris Smalling are injured, and Wayne Rooney has a continued loss of form (I know there are some of you who think one decent pass a game shows he is class but frankly its not enough), the team had attacking potential but a defensive formation for the trip to Everton.

Frankly I’d have dropped Patrice Evra too but we don’t have another left back, and reinstating Jonny Evans had to be to prop up his fragile confidence. It was a way of showing Rio that his loss of form and pace are such that Evans ‘accident waiting to happen’ is better than Rio’s ‘can’t tackle, can’t run, won’t put head in where it hurts’ style.

That Rooney tweeted that noon kick-off’s mean pasta for breakfast which he dislikes (prefer sausages and a pint of bitter then Wayne?) shows what a primadonna he has become, Rio’s tweet last week about flying to an NFL game as soon as City was over (he mentally left at halftime) supports this.

Get players who care Sir Alex! Anyway, Everton were without Tim Cahill and so no threat, cannon fodder as usual. 1-0 after 20 minutes, when would the floodgates open?

Cleverley played well for half an hour, Welbeck is willing, Evra did ok and Nemanja Vidic looked safe again, Javier Hernandez knows where the net is as ever. After that, it was the usual boring, boring United. Err sorry? Isn’t that Arsenal putting 5 past Chelski?

Am I in a parallel universe? What happened? United shut up shop. Rooney tackling back, Henandez off for ….is that Dimitar Berbatov? What a nutty season. 8 goals against Arsenal and now 10 men behind the ball against Everton. Meanwhile Barcelona, Bayern Munich and City have been setting new standards in their leagues.

What shall we do? Well for me it remains simple enough. Play the kids, get Fabio and Rafael back, pick Cleverley when he is fit, play Nani on the right, let Michael Carrick and Rio go, buy an attacking midfielder from Italy or Spain, get Wayne some help to make sense of his game.

I feel that it’s a transition year for us, I’m certain of it, and its only because Chelski, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool are so bad that we hope to win the league. We might be better letting it go and focussing on the new standard set by Barca, Bayern and City and building a team that will win the Champions League.

When we are defending against a poor Everton team like it’s the Alamo, we have to know that the magic isn’t there. City might well collapse after Christmas but is that really what we want to rely on?



  1. leftback

    November 2, 2011 at 9:14 am

    Oh, boy…am I extremely glad you’re not the manager…go play the football manager.

    • Imran

      November 2, 2011 at 9:46 am

      He makes complete sense in his summary of the UTD squad. There are a few passengers in the side that needs to go, with no genuine midfielder we will be lucky to finish 3rd.

  2. Jackie

    November 2, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Quite a scathing article but unfortunately very much true at this point in time for the mighty Utd. Transitional year, without a doubt. I do belive we can win the premiership or the champions league. Its time for a major clearout, we all know it, so why did’nt Fergie do this when it was evidently needed at the end of last season? FUCKIN GLAZERS controlling the purse strings without a shadow of doubt. Fergie could’nt possibly have thought that the current squad with the various young players coming through would be enough to compete this year.

  3. jaylani

    November 2, 2011 at 9:48 am

    I love this article…..there is no point of hiding facts. We are useless without Cleverley. He has shown us what is the missing link. It is THAT hole. It gives me butterflies when i see the midfield line up these days. forget Evans. The midfield is shambolic with weak and useless midfielders we have. Cleverley is the only mid player we have. Others are masquerading as midfielders but in fact are just weaklings physically, heavy in running, slow in passing,less in talent.OK the fact is this. There is a list of dead wood that old fergie knows but is too loyal to PLUCK OUT from the team(has he mellowed this much?) Remember Ince? Beckham? Kanchelskis? Stam? Keane? He REMOVED them as quickly as possible and yet these were players 4 times better than these i will outline….EVANS, FLETCHER, RIO, GIBSON, CARRICK. Did you see the way Yaya Toure and big Fellaini enjoyed against these weak midfielders we have? Stoke city have a better mid than ours. Can this midfield compete with Iniesta, messi, xavi fabregas? or even yaya toure, silva milner? can it match the current bayern munich? i dont think so. Cleverly’s position needs a replacement as soon as possible. dont bring that old excuse…there is no value. so many players are taken by spanish clubs, portuguese and italian clubs for a million then they become superstars of multi million pounds. The cleverley link, links, threads and weaves everything together and the players get inspired by the silk one touch passing. The machine moves fluidly and we attack like never before. Fergie you will regret if you dont buy a playmaker to help out cleverley. Another massacre is round the corner with your current loyal midfielders. I hope we dont get a bayern or barca soon before he does something.

  4. RedScot

    November 2, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    Hells bells lads.This is Manchester united we are talking about.The key ‘United’.Yes we took a tonking against City a huge doing.Have not played great for the last few games but muddled through apart from City.This as you know has been simmering below the surface for at least a year.Did we not win the league last season bye 9 points.
    Got a doing in Landin against argueably the best team that has ever been moulded together in Barcelona.
    I think rather than ‘dream’ of wholesale changes with in the team and personnel that represent this Mancheser United football club, you need to direct your fury and anger at the Glazer.
    This drip drip effect and ltd spending on improvements in the team is inevitable and was always on the agenda.
    Yes they have delivered trophies, well the manager and his skill and knowledge through 25 years in the English premiership.You cannot buy that!.
    On the anniversary of the greatest club manager, celebrate the fact.
    The only vendetta you should have at this time, is the thieves that are and have put this magnificent club at peril and in clear danger of spiralling out of control.Give up your season tickets if you feel so pissed of with what you are watching.Go to the ‘root’ of the matter, dont fuck around with some branch pruning.
    Support United and direct your anger at the hijackers.

    • RedScot

      November 2, 2011 at 1:07 pm

      As my post @12.07 cannot be cleared due probably to some ‘language’ issues.
      Just bear in mind the Glazer have cost United in excess of 1/2 a Billion pounds in charges and ‘ management fee’s’ since their arrival.
      Please dont say that is expected on a leveraged buy out.Its not acceptable and needs to be stopped.Full stop.
      The divedends payments to shareholders of United between the period 1991 and 2005 a mere £62.00 Million in comparison.
      Take your head out of the sand and direct your anger in the right way.
      Its as plain as night and day.Only going to get darker!

  5. Ronnie Antoine

    November 2, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    Simplistic and rather idiotic analysis imo… Have you actually watched utd games this season? Have you noticed that we don’t actually have a problem creating or scoring, put rather with keeping the gates closed? Don’t you know we actually are the team who allowed the most shots on goal in the league and De Gea has had to make more saves than any other keeper?
    Knowing that, is it not obvious that what we need is not yet another attacking player who can’t hold the ball, but rather one who can win in back?
    I thought it was pretty obvious. Apparently not!

  6. Ronnie Antoine

    November 2, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Plus, Rio is too classy a player to just let him go. I think Fergie is right in giving him a chance to adapt to his loss of pace.
    Would-be football experts fans like you had suggested that Giggs should be cast away when he suffered the same loss of pace. SAF kept him, he adapted and he’s still one of the finest footballers out there. A lesson not to forget…

  7. Ajit

    November 2, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    Man salutes on for you , for writing this article , you have so well summarised the story of red devils so far .United is a standard set by the long works of old guards such as paul scholes , gary , giggsy,cantona ,Roy keane , the list goes on . If atleast scholes was on this year , we would have minimised the score of city.Think of , we dont need good players to full fill the boots of legends but team players who plays with heart and not who look alikes a part among the team.United the players stand , United shall triump again .VIVA MAN UTD

  8. RedScot

    November 2, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    Have a great day lads, work to do.
    Its all very well looking at possible prospects and players you and I can imagine at United.With one hand tied behind your back, thats what Sir Alex is currently trying to do!
    Think of it like ‘juggling plates’.
    Dont bother with the ‘Monkey’ i say that with the greatest respect he is my hero.Go for the ‘organ grinder’!
    Cheers. Cmon United tonight.

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