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England v Slovenia player ratings

England Team Group World Cup 2010 Slovenia V England (0-1) 23/06/10 Group C at the Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Stadium FIFA World Cup 2010 Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

By Dan Smith.

So England have finally got their World Cup going with a 1-0 win over Slovenia, much to the relief of the players and the nation.

Here’s how I rated our winning performance;

David James – 7

Had a solid game between the sticks, never looked like he was uncomfortable, took some stinging shots and managed to hold on.

Glen Johnson – 7

Johnson started nervously giving away some silly fouls but his confidence grew as the game went on. Supported Milner down the right with the attacks and looked dangerous coming forward.

John Terry – 8

Terry had a solid game at the back with another new partner. Looked comfortable under pressure and proved what the tournament meant to him with a leap across the path of the Slovenian shot not to dis-similar to that of a salmon out of water. Had a great header saved by the keeper.

Matthew Upson – 7

Comfortable performance on his South Africa debut, the partnership with Terry never looked uncomfortable, made some solid tackles when we were under pressure.

Ashley Cole – 8

Another good performance by the England left back, so far our most consistent performer. Always looks good on the ball and does well supporting the attacks. Link up play with Gerrard showed some good promise.

James Milner – 9* Star Man

The Aston Villa man had a brilliant game down the England right, delivered crosses we have missed since Beckham’s absence. Supplied the cross for Defoe’s goal and continued to work hard for the team.

Frank Lampard – 6

I felt Frank struggled to get into the game at times, showed some good link up play with Barry and kept the pace of the game at our tempo.

Gareth Barry – 7

Barry looks to be back to the player we know he is. Passed the ball well and bossed the area in front of the back four. Doesn’t feel the need to bomb forward and help attacks, showed great discipline. Looked tired late on.

Steven Gerrard – 8

The captain gave a captains performance today, showed incredible discipline for a player who likes to play in the middle, rarely strayed from the left and linked up well when he came inside. The link up with Rooney looked dangerous again and almost scored.

Wayne Rooney – 6

Rooney showed a better performance today, looked to have his hunger back, still needs a goal to gain full confidence. Hit the post in the second half but I thought he felt he was offside.

Jermain Defoe – 8

Defoe showed class today to put his first chance away. Got in front of the defender to get his chance and showed great forward play. Had a stinging shot saved in the second half and showed promise.


Joe Cole – 7

Joe Cole finally got some minutes under his belt, came on to protect our lead and did well to run the clock down with Milner in the corner.

Emile Heskey – 7

Didn’t really have too much time to get into the game. Run the clock down substitution.

Fabio Capello – 7

Made a bold decision to start with Defoe and Milner which paid off with two great performances. Has got the discipline into Gerrard to stick to his role which he did well. Showed great passion from the sidelines, constantly animated.

Overall I thought we finally showed some great promise going into the last 16. We looked comfortable pushing the ball around the field, rarely gave the ball away, not half as much as previous games.

Milner proved to be a great gamble by Capello, looks to have secured the position and made it his own.

So…….Germany in the next round, a game with a lot of history. The Germans looked really good on the ball tonight and if we are to progress we need to stop Ozil in my opinion. He looks to be a lively player and won’t need asking twice to shoot from distance.

They don’t look unbeatable though, they’re a young side, I feel if we play to our strengths and get the ball down and stroke it around we should do well.





    June 24, 2010 at 10:22 am

    “showed incredible discipline for a player who likes to play in the middle, rarely strayed from the left”
    NO DISRESPECT MEANT, but jeeeez what game were you watching?? he was all over the place, regardless of how well he played(and he was very good) his discipline is one of the worst parts of his game, he may have a preferred position, but if a manager puts you on the left then you stay there, otherwise other more central midfielders become ineffective(see lampard) as they end up more worried about holes being left and covering rather than concentrate on their own game. again i say he played well, but please do not comment on his discipline when clearly that is the one aspect of his game that needs addressing.

  2. TRUEred

    June 24, 2010 at 10:22 am

    Rooney’s shot that hit the post was saved, a good save too the shot was edging inside the post when the keeper got a fingertips save to push it onto the post.


    June 24, 2010 at 10:25 am

    in fact maybe if he played the postion he was supposed to and actually stay on the left then our 20+ a season goal scoring midfielder may be able to actually score and play his usual game, i cannot remember milner(outstanding) anywhere other than on the right side of the pitch, however there where times when gerrard was on the same wing as milner. gerrards selfishness and lacl of discipline can sometimes stifle the central midfield.

  4. RedMist!!!

    June 24, 2010 at 11:00 am

    SMOKIE youre obviously a Chelski fan!

    Gerrard was very good today and sadly again Lumpard was not!

    The issue is were Lumpard is being played! He’s not a true central midfielder but more I feel a second forward. He can’t pass, can’t tackle and has a poor engine. He needs to be dropped if were not going to play him in his correct position.

    As for Gerrard. He’s beng asked to play on the left because he’s such a good player if lumpard was so good why can’t he adapt?

    Quote: “Gerrards selfishness and lack of discipline can sometimes stifle the central midfield”???

    He’s playing on the left how can he be selfish?
    He’s the best central midfielder we have and if all was right then he’d be in his rightful place and Lumpard would be in his! ON THE BENCH!

  5. Red Mist

    June 24, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    What is so amazing about beating the likes of…SLOVENIA…….minnows???, ……wait till Sunday….than judge!!!


    June 24, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    yes i am a chelsea fan, and yes your right about lamps being played out of position, however i stand by my comments, with regard to gerrard, how many times did we see milner on the left wing? not once and why? because he wasnt positioned there, he was on the right wing, so my point still stands, gerrard has bad discipline in my eyes for the pure fact that he roams pretty much where he wants to, which does stifle the central midfield because roaming players leaves holes, which will stifle the mid, let alone leave the left back with absolutely no protection at all, how can that be acceptable?
    now for the record, i do believe that gerrard had a good game yesterday, i do disagree that lamps didnt, he didnt have a great game, but it certainly wasnt a bad one, and maybe your right about how you see him(2nd forward).
    “He’s playing on the left how can he be selfish?” sorry but he didnt choose to play there, he was told to by his manager, yes gerrard is taking one for the team, but not by choice, its a forced on position he’s playing, so therefore that doesnt come into account when the word selfish is used, you must remember that footie is an 11 man team game, and if 1 of those men decides to do as they wish then ultimately the other players are under more pressure, there were several occasions when the slovenians broke and mostly down the left? why cos they identiied that we were maybe weaker due to ill-discipline? anyway jus my take on the matter!

  7. limo services

    June 24, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    Now more people wearing England tops.
    Come on England!

  8. sask

    June 25, 2010 at 2:39 am

    JT is a brave man!!

  9. saskf

    June 25, 2010 at 2:53 am

    JT is a brave man!!!!

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