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The Premier League Is Great….. If You Are A Foreign Player


By John Brandon.

David Silva, Ya Ya Toure, Carlos Tevez, Roque Santa Cruz, Kolo Toure, Nigel De Yong, Robinho, Caicedo, Patrick Viera, Vladimar Weiss and Emmanuel Adabayor. You have to admit that is an impressive list of players. Sorry my apologies, an impressive list of foreign players. All These players will all play some part in the Manchester City onslaught to the Premier League title for the new season.

Whilst all of us will welcome a challenge to the notorious top 4, I am sure you will agree this is not how it should be done. We all have to admit it was fun watching  Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson sweat when he felt the Italian Mancini breathing down his neck for a while last year but is this really how we want the English game to continue?

There was a match last year where Arsenal played Bolton (I may be mis quoted) and only one player was English. Theo Walcott, who warmed the bench that night, as usual. This could be a common theme this season with many teams probably able to field complete sides that have no English blood parading the hallow turf. I am using Manchester City as an example because it annoys the hell out of all of us that players are being scouted from around the world to be a short term fix in their pursuit of glory.

The sheiks that own the club could not care less about the tradition of the club. They just want to see a return for their substantial investment. Actually they probably don’t need to see a return, they have that much money. What happens though when they get bored and pull the money? It will be Portsmouth all over again.

The wages are astronomical at Manchester City and only the new Sheik can sustain it financially, if he leaves, it could be very dangerous territory for the club. Whilst they are bringing quality established players for us to watch on a regular basis, it is killing, sorry, absolutely murdering our international game.

Why buy David Silva when you have Adam Johnson? It’s Simple, Silva is an established La Liga player whilst Adam Johnson is not established. Johnson will now probably be loaned out to another club, like Jack Wilshere was this season, to gain, ‘first team experience’. Well he should be getting first team experience at his own club. This is wrong and although we keep talking about it, the rule for 6 home grown players in a team has to come in to play NOW. Or in 10 years time, there will be no new, emerging English talent able to cut it at the top level.

Take a look at the Manchester City website. From an official list of 36 registered players. 10 are English. 26 are foreigners, many of who you won’t have a clue who they are. I didn’t. It’s Disgraceful. England will never win the European Championships or The World Cup in a million years, if we stand still, do nothing and let foreign coaches, managers, players, agents and owners abuse our game for personal financial glory. The Premier League is a great product, that is obvious. But like the English economy, we can’t produce anything anymore.

Do you feel that quality foreign players can work with our emerging English talent to create an environment where everyone is a winner?



  1. Adam

    July 2, 2010 at 9:27 am

    How many of the Brazilian team actually play in the Brazilian league? It’s not money that is ruining England as a team but it is money that is destroying the PL as a competitive and interesting league. First Chelsea bought the title a few times by outspending everyone else and now it’s City. Platini wants to curb this practice but how successful that will be is anyone’s guess at the moment. The PL is entertainment and we pay royally to watch it but its future looks bleak to me unless all the top clubs are bought by multi-billionaires who just slug it out in the transfer market. It’s shame but a horrible reality, especially in times of a recession such as this one.

  2. adrian

    July 2, 2010 at 9:37 am

    The runaway success of the premier league is damaging the prospects of the national team. Until the top premier league teams start taking the production of future english football stars seriously the national team will suffer. The signing of foreign players may bring them ‘success’, but at the expense of England. We need the national team to succeed as well.

  3. Ibrahim

    July 2, 2010 at 9:54 am

    I do not understand your point. Good foreign players should upgrade the level of the english players and force them to play in a higher standard. This should be good for the national team. After all the PL is the strongest league in the world and there are fans for the english clubs from all over the world (like me). This will not be the case if we only watch hesky and lennon and right Philips. The PL is now too glorious to be limited to England.

    In Holland they are crying for not having big investments in their club to challenge again for european trophies. They can not pass the group phase. England can not complain about that. …

    I like the PL and I love Arsenal

    and sorry for my english

  4. wondrinfree

    July 2, 2010 at 9:55 am

    I think you are getting muddled in your rant which starts off all anti foreigner and goes on to swipe loaning out of young English players. Loaning players out surely is an excellent way for them to develop and shows commitment to the future of young English talent.

    The reality clubs find themselves in is that they need immeadiate success. Every fan knows that to jeer at Arsenal you just ask how many years without a trophey (I’ve even heard Bolton fans sing this yet can’t recollect their own last trophey). Managers also get sacked for even a short string of bad results Phil Brown took Hull from nothing to the Premiership had one bad season and got fired. To say Jack Wilshere should be playing for Arsenal is simplistic and naive. Arsenal have an agenda to develop their players but also have aspirations of success. To give them the best chance of success would mean that Wilshere would rarely get a game – nothing to do with foreigners just players (of any nationality) further on in their careers.

    The arrangement works well for all involved loaner clubs get their young English players playing first team football, loanee clubs get access to talented players they couldn’t afford and the players get an opportunity to play – its win, win, win.

    People claim that the prem is the best league in the world – it is certainly one of the best but that is largely due to having world class players playing here – Ronaldo, Torres, Drogba, Fabregas, Cantona, Henry, Schmeikel, Tevez et al (you can just keep adding to the list) have all contributed to making the prem great and watched the world over.

    Why let petty tribalism ruin it.

  5. j

    July 2, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Foreign players in the premier league has nothing to do with the continual failure of the england football team. England have fallen short for 40 years because of how the english system raises its young players, because of this ridiculous clinging to doing things ‘the english way’. Brawn valued over brains, endevour rewarded before technique and ability.

    Until a radical overhaul of the coaching and development system in this country is undertaken, top to bottom, then we will continue to fall short in producing quality homegrown players and those who do come through will be overpriced and hyped beyond their true ability.., (see recent world cup).

    The club doing more to address this than any other.., the same club that has taken the most criticism, unfairly, ……Arsenal!

    Back to back u18 championships, a double and the majority of the side eligible to play for england. Jack wilshire, JET, Watt, Lansbury, Kyle Bartley, Craig Eastmond, Frimpong, Freeman….., and coming up behind them guys like Afobe and Aneke. And every single one of them as techniquely able as their foreign counterparts.

    Thank you Mr Arsene Wenger…., thats going to really stick in the craw for the little englanders, xenophobic press corp and idiot pundit brigade when they have to start saying that over the next 10 years.

    • Danny Boy

      July 2, 2010 at 4:34 pm

      J, well said, finally someone has come out and said what needs to be said. English commentators, managers and “fans” go on about the same thing – pride in the shirt, guts, determination etc. No mention of talent, technique or coherence. The English national side is still in the dark ages and no amount of foreigners can be blamed for that.

      La Liga is flooded with players from Latin America but look at Spain. Italy may have been disastrous this World Cup but they won it four years ago with a league full of foreign players.

      Artificially limiting the success of the Big Four by telling them that they must develop English players will make the league weaker and have no benefit for the national team – average players will always be average players, whether they’re in the national team shirt or their club one

  6. John

    July 2, 2010 at 10:04 am

    Oh boy, how ignorant can you get? Complete utter nonsence to blame the failure of the England team on foreigners flooding the English game. The blame lies mainly by the FA for failing to set up youth academies manned by qualified coaches practicing technique, appreciating talent etc. To a lesser extend the media are to blame as well by promoting ‘the English way’. Time to wake up, the physical style is outdated, nowadays you need ball skills. No more Shawcrossing the opponent please.

  7. Frimpong

    July 2, 2010 at 11:38 am

    Premier League is not the best league in the world as we all think after Sky Sports drum it into our heads. Empty stadiums, survivalist football tactics, disparity of wealth and no space provided for emerging young english talent due to the risk involved financially in getting it wrong. German and Dutch leagues make it one of their priorities to develop young players for the good of the league and national team. we are naive in England. nothing wrong with commitment and physicality as football is a physical game. The big question, how many English players or managers play or work abroad? Brazilian/Dutch/Spanish players play all over the world.

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  10. Danny Salford Red

    July 2, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    Frimpong i see what you’re saying but I would love to know where you have been seeing consistently empty stadiums in the premier league? The major problem is a simple one from where im sitting. For no particular reason Im going to use Gareth Barry as an example. A foreign player with the equivalent ability of Gareth Barry as a holding midfielder could be brought to a club from say the Dutch/Belgian league for £5 million pounds say. Gareth Barry or any other English equivalent player of the same ability would cost £15-20 million. And we sit here debating why its mostly foreign players bought over English ones. Because English ones are massively overpriced by their greedy clubs. Until this stops why would/should clubs stop buying foreign players and instead be ripped off????????????

  11. John Brandon

    July 4, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Good comments everyone, especially the one by J and the last one. I think that is another serious issue, average players from abroad get ahead of English players with the same calibre because of the price.
    Anyway hope the article raised some thoughts and my next article will be about the coaching system in the English game, so you were one step ahead J!

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