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Why John Terry’s England Resignation Is A Good Thing

A look at the footballing benefits of John Terry’s resignation from England duty including avoiding controversy and England being allowed to develop further.

John Terry asserted that Football Association in making his position ‘untenable’ prompted his resignation. Ironically he failed to mention that he’d put them in exactly the same position and his decision would have been welcomed.

Roy Hodgson inevitably remained diplomatic thanking him for service and expressing disappointment at his departure, and England fans are divided as to what it means for the national side. In a week where the 31 year old has not only called it a day on his international career, but also received a four game ban for racial abuse, it has somewhat epitomized just why it’s now the right time to move on.

1.       England allowed to move forward  

Post England’s dismal World Cup campaign the nation called for wholesale changes to the Golden Generation. But as in the fashion of recent years the only significant amendment was a managerial one, whilst the squad remained largely the same. It is a pattern England fans have become accustomed to and one that has hindered the national team’s progress. Although there’s been a desire for a change, there hasn’t been a move towards one. The concept of dropping the biggest names has been an inconceivable and players have been allowed to limp on into the next tournament. Terry leaving and taking the decision out of Roy Hodgson’s hands, Rio Ferdinand’s recent exile and an influx of young players has genuinely allowed for the start of a new era.

2.       Too much controversy

Like a fly to feces JT attracts controversy. His defenders often claim that he’s actions off the field should have no bearings as to what happens on it. However the problem with that argument is that many of those same issues have crossed over onto the pitch. At times the result of he’s actions has led to unavailability of players in the national side, as in the example of Wayne Bridge and Rio Ferdinand (who despite opinions of their ability, where England internationals prior the controversy)

The infamous press conference in South Africa saw him candidly divulge things that had occurred behind the scenes with the senior players. Whilst some claimed that his honesty was refreshing it was unlikely that it was received the same way with his fellow teammates. The captaincy which he claims he was ‘born to do’ had been stripped of him, (the first of two times) and the entire saga undermined the position of others.  But even if you would like to believe that it all can be separated, it’s an unrealistic thought. It can’t do much for team harmony having a player who’s shown that much disregard to other members of the team.

The cliché that is often spouted about ‘JT’s is the fact he’s a ‘warrior willing to put his body on the line’, well maybe so, but I’m also sure that there are others who’ll do the same, and now they’ll have the opportunity to prove so.

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