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Emir Spahic Who?


Written by armourysquare.

Alright,lets face it. Not many of us Arsenal fans have heard the name of Emir Spahic before he was linked to us. So,who is this new guy all of a sudden?

“Emir Spahic” is a Bosnian born Central defender, who currently plays for Ligue 1 side Montpellier HSC. He is a 29-year-old medium built, six foot tall player who happens to captain not only his club, but also his nation. Now, one would think that with such credentials, we will have a solid signing to bolster our “Unbreakable Defense.”

But on closer inspection it appears that Spahic has made a paltry 165 appearances in his entire career (which, if I may add, spans a decade). Now that averages out to roughly 18 games a season at low level Russian clubs. If you were to search for videos showing this man in action, the most notable one you would find is of him slapping a German, which hilarious in itself doesn’t do much for our defensive setup. I believe that “The Gaffer” has decided that the defensive setup will be as follows:(central-defenders)

1st choice : Tommy-V

2nd choice : Johan Djourou

3rd choice : Laurient Koscielny

4th choice : Alex Song

So in fact, all he is planning to do is, bring in a replacement for Arsenal Legend and Hall of Fame inductee-Mikael Silvestre.

Now is this enough ? I urge you, think twice over this? Should, a club that charges the highest amount in the league for its season tickets, not have greater ambitions than signing French rejects? As much as “The Gaffer” has done for the club, one cannot overlook the fact that if a player is not in his early twenties or does not play in the french league, he would not be signed.

Our managers shrewdness in the market is well know and often applauded with great signings such as Vermaelen, Arshavin and who can forget Anelka (bought for 500,000 pounds and sold for 22.5 million pounds 2yrs later), but I am of the opinion that this shrewdness has cost Arsenal far more than it has gained anything for the club. Why?

1) Cristiano Ronaldo was on the verge of signing with us before he signed with ManUtd and ”We missed him by a few million”

2) Arsenal refused to pay a few million more, that Atletico Madrid wanted for Fernando Torres before he signed for Liverpool.

3) Arsenal let Ashley Cole go for a mere £5000 a week raise.

Now these are but a few of Arsene’s transfer bloopers if you will, and I believe that Emir Spahić will soon be joining that list. Although I maybe proved wrong and I certainly hope for Arsenal’s sake that I am, but lets face facts people- Another season without a trophy and the loss of our best player will certainly mark the end of our era under Le boss. Do you think I am being a bit to harsh on the club and our probable new signing? Feel free to post your comments below. As far as I am concerned, I would be the happiest bloke on the planet if I am wrong, but lets face the facts- This season defines us, it certainly is “Make or Break” time for Arsenal Football Club.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dave

    August 6, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    You should look up Spahic playing in the Bosnian national team, you”ll be surprised how well he plays. A very intelligent and fast player. I think, IF WE BUY HIM, our defense will be even more solid. Our chances for the trophy will be magnified 20 times…


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