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Arsenal Players Ratings From An Eventful North London Derby By Lloyd The Gooner

Arsenal came from a goal down to beat rivals Tottenham 5-2 in the north London derby on Saturday. Here are player ratings from Arsenal fan ‘Lloyd the Gooner’.

Arsenal came from a goal down to beat rivals Tottenham 5-2 in the north London derby on Saturday lunchtime. Here are player ratings from Arsenal fan ‘Lloyd the Gooner’.

Lukas Podolski

Who knows how this game would have turned out had it stayed as eleven v eleven? It’s too easy to say Spurs were the better side up to then therefore…etc etc . But all our usual problems were evident in the early minutes and later on when Tottenham had a go but…YES,COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!! I’ll take any win against them. Here are my Arsenal ratings:

Szcsesney 6. Good to see him back. Did what he had to do. Is just me that worries when he has the ball is at his feet?

Sagna 7. He was up against their biggest danger and performed really well overall. A warrior and we need a few of those.

Mertesacker 5. Our best defender so far this season but his lack of pace was a liability in this game. It always will when we have Bale/Lennon type pace against us. His defending, or lack of it, for the first Tottenham goal was embarrassing.

Koscielny 7. His pace helped in this game. He can bring the ball out of defence at speed. He is getting stronger and looks the part again.

Vermaelen 6. Out of position at left back as a result of Wenger’s ludicrous decision to buy Santos.

Arteta 5. I keep saying it, others must see it. He is simply not athletic enough. I thought he was poor in and out of possession. He is a victim of Arsene Wenger’s buying policy where he has to play in a role he is unsuited for. He needs a rest but who can play as the deep midfielder? Should we try Koscielny, particularly in an away game?

Cazorla 9. The little man was back on form. Clearly with no physical support around him he did a lot of chasing and harrying, over to you again Arsene! But in possession …may be the most two-footed of players I have seen.

Wilshere 7. Quielty Jack is coming back to what he was. One turn in the first half was wonderful to see and very effective.

Walcott 8. A much better player than I thought he was and shows real heart. I hope he stays. He was effective early on when other weren’t. His speed pushes teams back and he is now a fine multi-purpose forward.

Giroud 7. So pleased to see his touch back. We are beginning to play to his strengths, as his goal tally shows.

Podolski 6. Scored and put in a fine cross for the Cazorla goal. Showed by his effort that he knew the significance of the game. If our team was balanced he could be really effective.


Ramsey. Slow, careful, uninventive. But also calm and steady …at best a squad player.

Santos. What does it say about him that as a professional left back in a big game he isn’t good enough or can’t be trusted to play in his own position? I hope he reflects on that. A January exit surely?

Oxlade-Chamberlain. Great little late cameo.

Agree with my ratings? Leave yours in the comments section.



  1. damion marais

    November 18, 2012 at 9:52 am

    arteta should at least be 6 or 7. he links up with jack and carzola, i believe jack should also have a higher rating, his passing was just so beautifull, for me you should be man of the match

  2. yunusa

    November 18, 2012 at 10:21 am

    walcot should be rated above all his brilliant run with ball first goal assist n scoring the fifth goal to me he is the man of the match i hope he stay at arsenal coming january

  3. Goonerboyo

    November 18, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Well Lloyd it may be easy but has to be said, it was 5-2 playing 10. Against 11 on recent form and with the obvious defensive and organisational difficulties exposed by a pacy attack, I wouldn’t have predicted more than a draw.
    My worry is that we don’t have the strength in depth to rotate players for rest and recuperation as well as for tactical variety.
    Until the great January sale, do we need a policy of introducing youngsters in key positions CB,LB,DM at the end of games rather than chucking them in at the deep end?

    • Hard Ogura

      November 18, 2012 at 12:44 pm

      I agree with you.Instead of bring on the Ramsey and Santos, bring on Francis and Probably Arsh to relieve Arteta and Carzola. They have played almost every game and they need a rest for another big match.

  4. jeff

    November 18, 2012 at 10:42 am

    The only player who didnt play well is for me aaron Ramsey.. slow,kept losing the ball,and trying to pass like cazorla which turned out to be missplaced pass in the end. i’m glad we often make use of giroud presence lately.. i didnt see it when ramsey was on the wing as he never crossed the ball,couldnt dribble,and slow.. how AW played him as a winger was nonsense for me.

    • davi

      November 18, 2012 at 10:50 am

      Ramsey did the job there earlier in the season and it worked. He played there at times for Cardiff as well. He’s just not particularly consistent but I thought he was pretty good yesterday. He tends to do well from the bench.

      • jeff

        November 18, 2012 at 12:26 pm

        i’m sorry davi,but we aint cardiff.. i could only remember one good game from ramsey so far this season. The others were forgetable..

        • Hard Ogura

          November 18, 2012 at 12:50 pm

          He was a man of the match in Man city game Jeff. At moment he needs to come on like a sub because he has that going forward and tracking mentality.

          But like yesterday’s match AW should have considered players who rarely plays like Arsh and Coq and rest players like Arteta and Carzola as the match was already won with 11: 10 players

  5. davi

    November 18, 2012 at 10:49 am

    Arteta played exactly the same position all through last season and was a vital part of in our revival. That said, he did have a more athletic midfield partner in Alex Song, and we did look a more solid side with Diaby in the side. So I do think he’s the right man for the job, but we are lacking a bit of balance in midfield, although I thought Jack grew into the game really well and gave his best performance since his injury return. I hope we take heart from this result and carry some confidence into the next games.

    • Hard Ogura

      November 18, 2012 at 12:56 pm

      Arteta was in a more advance position Davi, Its Song who used to sheild the defence often although like no. eight, he needed to come once to help. But at moment he is doing it on his own, He ie mature, no pace and a lot of matches.

      He is experienced and good passer but once he is caught out of position he can’t recover.

      Like a second goal yesterday, Bale just kept running through the middie until he scored all the defenders looking at him coming to them.

  6. Digsby

    November 18, 2012 at 10:52 am

    Defending still a problem but once keeper gets a few games and Gibbs returns should improve balance needs also to play Arteta in proper position or give him a rest.If we can avoid further injuries and key players return to match fitness a trophy looks achieveable even if it is domestic cup needs to spend in january for an experienced Song replacement. Disappointed with Ramsey but still believe he is young enough to come good.Santos should never play left back again but worth a try as a backup left sided midfielder covering injuries and resting players failing that experiment dont let the door hit you on the way out.Cant wait to see Rosicky back especially when team dominate at home.

  7. GunnerPete

    November 18, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    Well Lloyd agood reort but showing all your bias against certain players. Obviously this will never change as my own bias will probably not. BUT…to give Per a 5 and blame him for the first goal is either bias or just blind stupidity! The ball was played into a mssive gap dow or right hand side . And where was this super right back you are praising? Up on the hladf way line redoing his beads. Sagna is the biggest cause of instability throughout our defence. Since he returned our former tight right side has been left wide open as per Manure & Norwich games. Arsene’s number one fault is loyalty to his favourites. If he played our very best defence & midfield we would have some team, but he never will. We would have won that game against 10 or 11 if Sagna had not caused our usual early cock up.

    My ratings are a bit different.

    Chesney 6
    Sagna 5.5 Per 6.5 Kossy 7 Vermy 7
    Arteta 6
    Carzolla 9 Jack 7.5 Podolsky 7
    Theo 8 Giroud 8

    My team would be:

    Kossy Per Vermy
    Jenks Sagna

    Theo Carzolla Jack Pod

    This formation would be very hard to score against and would still have our best attack. Mind you I would still love to se Cavani and Fellani arrive in January.

    As for the anti Arsene mob…here we are again ,anothe 5-2 thrashing of the Spuds and its all down to them not our manager.

    • Hard Ogura

      November 18, 2012 at 1:05 pm

      Gunnerpete, The first goal was the poor positioning of the whole defence. Per tried to play offside trap but there two defenders far behind him and they were far down the pitch, so recovery was hard. Sagna has improved so much although Jenk was excellent too. There are alot of match that he will play.

      But about Fellani and Cavani, forget. Don’t stress yourself Wenger can never pay more than 20m in cash for a player


    November 18, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    We need a strong defensive midfilder to supplement on Arteta and one profilic striker infront of goal mouth.

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