Should Bookmakers fear FanBet?

By on June 19, 2014

Bookies have had it good for a long time, offsetting their profitable bettors winnings with the massive amount of smaller losing bettors. This model has kept them smiling from ear to ear in the comfort they have come to enjoy, but could it all come to an end?

New tipster site thinks they can apply a little pressure to Bookies by referring large amounts of skilled players. Bookmakers can typically handle 5% of their bettors being skilled and winning money but could they handle 15% or more? This is the question being asked.

So how does it work? Like all good ideas the best ones are simple. FanBet has created a competitive weekly betting game enjoyed by fans worldwide. Each player starts with a 5,000 free bankroll and makes picks on Premier League games. The top 10 players each week are rewarded with cash prizes.

Over time the players data is analysed and a list of consistent winners has emerged – or pros if you like. FanBet members can follow these pros and copy their bets at Bookmakers to improve their odds of winning money. Simple as that.

FanBet will officially launch in August as at this point in time it only features Premier League matches, but I’m sure they will open it up to more league in the future.

Visit FanBet and signup for free to secure your username before the new Premier League season gets underway.


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