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New Social Betting Platform Empowering Bettors has released the first social betting platform of its kind which enables average bettors to copy pros. Find out more information here


New Startup company has released the first social betting platform of its kind which enables average bettors to copy pros. By developing a social betting game called FanPlay, they have the ability to stream live pick reports from their top bettors. Savvy members are using this system to improve their real money returns at online bookies.

Here’s how it works…

FanBet runs a weekly competition called FanPlay. Members place bets on Premier League games using betting credits. The game data is analysed and the top bettors are ranked according to their success. FanBet allows you to see the live picks and betting history of these players. By following winning bettors, logic implies you will become more successful.

Real World Example

In week 14 of the Barclays Premier League, Mircea990 who supports QPR and is from Bosnia, turned his £5,000 social bankroll into £366, 875. If you copied his bets with a £50 you would have made £3,668. That’s a MASSIVE return.

How does copying work?

With FanBet it’s simple. Login to your account and the first thing you see is a live stream of picks from winning bettors. Bettors are ranked based on their average return from their last five bets. Add any pick to the odds tracker and FanBet compares leading bookmakers to give you the best available odds for your money.

How does FanBet benefit?

FanBet provides tips and tools to help you improve your betting and in return they ask you to support their partners.  These betting partners pay the bills and keep the lights on. A win-win situation at no cost to you.

How to get started…

Access is granted immediately with a valid email address and membership is 100% free.

Bonus Features

Odds Tracker

FanBet allows you to effortlessly track picks for any games and compare the best odds available from leading bookies. You can also see sign up bonuses and bookmaker reviews to guide you in the right direction.

Live Scores

FanBet provides live scores for Premier League games in a neat mobile platform. Quickly get access to game times, minutes played and goals scored.

Chat Feature

Interact with fans worldwide in the club chat rooms. Live updates are pushed through the interface and include scores, scorers, minutes played and booking information.

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