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How injuries can play a key role in your betting decisions

Here we look at how injuries can play an important role in you betting decisions as they can impact a teams performance on the pitch.

Football betting can be a complex task and placing a bet on your favorite football team in Australia is a process that starts with understanding the odds. When you want to place your bet or take advantage of a free bet, punters need to compare various pieces of key information so they can make an informed betting decision. A club or player’s recent form, head-to-head records with the opposition, weather conditions and suspensions are all factors that should be considered but you should also pay close attention to injuries.

Preventing Key Players from Playing the Game

When you decide to take advantage of a free bet, you want ensure you are backing the right team and part of the process is finding out which players are out injured or have a poor recent injury record. For example, you may have second thoughts placing a bet on Liverpool if you found out Mohamed Salah is expected to miss the game through injury as his absence would be a big blow for the Merseysiders.

It’s obviously that when a team cannot select one of their star players, it may change the outcome of the game so this should influence your betting decisions. Taking time to research which players are unavailable due to injury could give you a vital betting edge.

Limitations in Mobility

It’s also worth doing research into whether certain key players are 100 percent fit. Often, key footballers will still be selected for important matches even if they are carrying an injury which could inhibit their performance. We’ve seen this happen countless times over the years and bettors have lost out because a key player has under-performed in a match due to carrying an injury.

Certain injuries may not prevent have too much of an impact on performance, such as an arm of wrist injury, but if a footballer is carrying a calf, hamstring or groin injury then this will almost certainly result in a below-par performance on the pitch.

Changes to the Dynamic of the Team

The final consideration when you are placing a bet on your favorite football team in Australia is the potential for injuries to change the dynamics of the team. If a team will be without one of their key players his absence may have a detrimental affect on some of his team mates as players form strong partnerships with each other. For example, Olivier Giroud has a great understanding with Eden Hazard so if Giroud is set to miss a game due to injury you may have second thoughts about backing Chelsea as Hazard’s performance could also suffer.

If an important player is missing, think about who will replace him and how they will fit in to the teams system. Research the relationships between different players and find out if there are any issues going on in the dressing room. A good example is Manchester United. There are huge problems between the manager Jose Mourinho and a number of players like Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial and United have just lost to Derby and West Ham.

Placing a bet on your favorite football team allows you to make a little extra cash throughout the season. The challenge is ensuring that your team has a high chance of winning the game before you place your bet. Fortunately, you can research different factors that may impact a game and compare the odds before you take a chance on a free bet.

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