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Winners will extract the best data from our client’s marketing campaigns, which assists sports teams, and leagues, to organise and optimise their software marketing strategy.

With Winners, you can develop and grow your systems for engaging with customers and fans directly, on an individual and group basis. 

How do we do this?

  1. Consultancy  

We work closely with clients and provide guidance and support throughout. We can provide help for sports leagues to expand divisions by developing strategies with our client. We can also collect data to enable a sports club or league to increase the areas of business they conduct. This can enable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to be utilised to their full extent and be expanded. Individual groups of customers and fans can be targeted directly and be treated differently to other groups. Not all people are the same and what they want isn’t always the same either. Treat them individually and offer the right services, promotions, products or opportunities to the right people.

  1. Tech Builds 

We offer a number of products and services for organising data collection, visualisation, and integration. Our main focus is the collection and organisation of data, and we know how important it is. We can help build promotional pages, or even competitions, that give the data our clients require. We create services that collect the right data from the right people at the right time. This is then collated and processed to give our clients exactly what they need, when they need it.

  1. Tailored Service 

We can help on an ad-hoc basis, providing assistance as and when it is needed. This can be for a one-off service or to solve an existing issue. Maybe you need to create a single promotion or several promotions. We can create a single database from the data contained in multiple systems to provide a clear, cohesive view. We can help with targeted advertising, making sure the message is seen by the people who matter. We also optimise data, so it clearly shows pertinent information. We are here to help you whenever you need us.

We expertly monitor and supervise all digital media activity. Through skilful data analysis, we are able to rate the performance of various media channels. Advertising can be closely targeted, optimising budgets. 

Our Benefits

Using collated data, we help sports teams simplify and refine their media initiatives. Such information can also be used to find sponsorships and set ticket prices. 

Fans and customers can be brought into the sports league or club by the organisation of data. This puts them at the heart of what the league or club does and builds an even stronger bond.

We offer a selection of managed services for organisations who are not yet ready to step into a full approach to their business that is driven by data. Clients may be beginning to adopt such an approach, and we can guide them through this transition, making sure everything that needs to happen does so. Our ultimate goal for such businesses is to help them hire and train their own staff who can manage the collection and organisation of data, using our systems, so we can then move to helping them in other areas.

We don’t force sports businesses to stay with our services. Our clients stay working with us because they see results and want to keep working with us. We ensure there is transparency in the way we work. We believe that data can help elevate your business. Adding our services to an existing structure is painless and easy. 

We help with data visualisation. Images that clearly represent the data you hold in key areas can be a powerful tool. Fiona Green wrote on our blog, “…data visualization enables: communication of information clearly and efficiently, easier and quicker analysis and assessment of situations, and the identification of patterns or trends.”

We offer online learning opportunities to learn the basics of CRM and how it can influence our clients’ decisions and create opportunities for them. It can also help solve issues that arise. Learning the basics of any new approach to the business of sports is essential and helpful. Our course has been created by best-selling author, Fiona Green. 

We are here to support you all the way.

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