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4 Ways to Benefit From Your Soccer Know-How

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What happens to your brain when you watch soccer? Scientists say that your emotions take leave of your senses as neurons in your head fire like a day on whatever battleground you choose to imagine. Can you believe it?

A single soccer match is capable of flooding the brain with hormones, especially the neurotransmitter dopamine. As a result, only sex is likely to deliver as much pleasure. It matters not whether your team wins or loses, says Dr. Michael Grabowski. A Manchester/Liverpool match gets your heart rate up to numbers experienced during daunting physical workouts.

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What are 4 ways to benefit from your soccer wisdom?

Your physique notwithstanding, there are myriad ways to benefit from your understanding of the game, and the following four are just the tip of the iceberg when evaluating the benefits you’ll gain by indulging in your favourite sport.

1. Use your soccer know-how to help others

Your understanding of soccer’s nuances makes you an ideal candidate for volunteering at a centre that promotes the game, especially if you’ll be sharing your wisdom with children of all ages. Not everyone can volunteer to coach soccer. Your know-how gives you an edge. Further, having won and lost too many times to recall, your empathy will come in handy when it’s time to help kids of all ages deal with disappointment.

Volunteering, as it turns out, is good for the soul as well as your brain and your body parts! Further, your well-being is especially enhanced if you are troubled by symptoms of stress, depression, or loneliness. And you would have to work really hard not to make new friends and expand your universe if you make the decision to use soccer as a way to add meaning to your life by helping others.

2. Do your body a solid by using your expertise to stay healthy

Keen insights into the way the sport impacts your body can pay big dividends over time because you understand exactly how important conditioning and defensive moves can be when it comes to staying off injured lists by keeping active. Soccer training benefits every aspect of your body, and when it comes to boosting your immune system, you and your doctor will notice the differences, especially during cold and flu season.

Forget pricey gym memberships and at-home gym equipment purchases! Show up at your local park district, club, colleague, and buddy get-togethers or hang out where teams gather. You can insert yourself into the fray simply holding a soccer ball to get the attention of like-minded people. And yes, it’s okay to let them use your ball without inviting you to join in. They will recruit you eventually – even if it’s only out of a sense of guilt.

3. Live longer thanks to your soccer know-how

Cardiologist/researcher Peter Schnohr, MD, DMSc of the Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, launched a study that rank-ordered sports in terms of longer life expectancy, and you may be surprised to learn that soccer placed third on his list. Dr. Schnohr’s study results concluded that by engaging in the sport, you could potentially add 4.7 years to your life expectancy, a number that beats out swimming, jogging, and gym workouts.

Sure, you may be convinced that the stress you experience when you watch your favourite team perform deplorably, but aren’t you excited to know that both active and virtual participation in this exciting sport makes the years you live ever so much more pleasurable? If you insist and your family doesn’t object, you can even be buried in your uniform and with your favourite soccer ball when you are finally off to that big net in the sky.

4. Snag bragging rights as a result of your expertise

Whether you play, you coach, you volunteer, or you are so enamoured of soccer you engage in all of these, who doesn’t love to brag about anything other than kids, your grands, and your cat? Seriously. Nobody wants to hear you wax poetic about your pet or offspring, but they will happily listen to you moan about the recent and painful outcome of a game between  Manchester City and Chelsea.

There’s something about belonging to a movement that’s both gratifying and life-affirming that makes life worth living, and along with bragging rights, you can don the shirt everywhere you go (except weddings and funerals, of course), and nobody in your family will ever run out of gift ideas for you when holidays roll around or when your birthday is on the horizon.

Yes, mate, there’s more…

Pass along your know-how as an endowment to family members. Who wouldn’t want to hear explanations for what’s happening on the playing field from the lips of someone near and dear? The number of ways you benefit from your passion for soccer also includes:

-You can have a blast competing in a non-contact sport that’s fun.

-If your coordination is off, soccer training can help with that.

-Enhance your powers of concentration, persistence, and self-discipline.

-Gain so much confidence and self-assurance. It spills over to all aspects of your life.

-You become adroit at thinking on the run and making fast decisions.

-Hang on to your assets; all you need is a ball and the desire to play.

-It matters not where in the world you travel. You’ll encounter mates who are equally obsessed.

-Going out for a pint after a practice or a match makes weekday work woes bearable!

We conclude with a quote from Sir Bobby Charlton, who knows a thing or two about the game: “Some people tell me that we professional players are soccer slaves. Well, if this is slavery, give me a life sentence.” Enough said?

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