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List of the most successful football clubs sponsored by online casinos

Online casinos are heavily involved in international sports industries such as football. Here are some of the most successful clubs sponsored by casinos

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Online casinos are not only penetrating the global gambling market but also the international sports industry. They do it in the form of sponsorships, especially in the field where most fans are to be found – and that happens to be football.

According to media reports, football generates by far the largest number of fans. Some estimations suggest that a staggering 3.5 billion people watch football all over the world, thus making it a perfect target for online casino sponsorships. It doesn’t take a miracle to figure out that the most successful football clubs attract the richest sponsors, but do you know what are those teams?

In this article, we are going to show you the list of the best football squads with online casinos as their sponsors. Let’s take a look!

  1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid is by far the most successful club in the world and that’s exactly why online casinos are fighting to sponsor the organization. What’s even more interesting here is that the Spanish League officially bans gambling advertising, thus making it pointless for gambling-related companies to involve in any kind of football sponsorship.

But this is not the case with Real Madrid, the soccer titan that sealed a brand new deal with the Russian online gambling company called Fonbet. Although Fonbet won’t be placing ads on Real Madrid’s jerseys, it will gain a lot by creating unique promotions for its clients as well as social media content, lucrative bonuses, and enhanced odds.

  1. Manchester City

Manchester City is still trying to win the elusive Champions League trophy, but the truth is that they make the most dominant team in the English Premier League for nearly a decade. Marathon Bet recognized this fact and so they decided to partner with Manchester City two years ago. Natalia Zavodnik, a CEO of Marathon Bet, said they “have been offering fans around the world the chance to benefit from our unique giveaways, competitions, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.”

  1. AC Milan

It will take a lot of work for to seal the deal with football giants such as AC Milan. The legendary team from Italy found a partner in StarCasino.Sport and the latter is widely promoted on the stadium’s perimeter. The reason to sponsor AC Milan is obvious as they are the winners of seven Champions League titles. According to StarCasino.Sport, the goal of the partnership is to strengthen the company’s image through modern sports storytelling and fresh social media content.

  1. West Ham United

West Ham United is not considered to be a member of the global football elite, but they are a proud member of the English Premier League for decades already. As such, they attracted a gambling platform called Betway and announced a new partnership in 2015. The official West Ham website states that the biggest deal in the club’s history sees the Betway logo feature on the front of all of the team’s senior teams’ playing shirts and training wear.

  1. Everton

You should not be surprised to see another English team on the list since online casinos and gambling companies sponsor a mind-boggling 60% of teams in the top three national leagues. Everton signed a sponsorship contract with Sport Pesa back in 2017. What makes this contract interesting is that Sport Pesa is actually an African gambling company, which makes it the only firm from the warmest continent to sponsor a football club in EPL.

Honorable Mentions

The list of football clubs with online casino sponsorships could go on forever, but we had to stop somewhere. But before closing the article, we also want to add a few honorable mentions.

English Premier League is full of teams with sponsors coming from the gambling background. For instance, the group includes the likes of Newcastle, Fulham, Leeds, Newcastle United, and Crystal Palace. The entire French Professional Football League has a betting company as a sponsor, aka Betclcic.

Other notable teams that cooperated or still cooperate with gambling sites and betting providers are Inter Milan, Napoli, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester United, and many more.

The bottom line

Online casinos have become such a gigantic industry that it’s spreading its influence way beyond the gambling market. As extremely profitable companies, bookmakers and digital casinos are ready to invest in some of the best sports teams in the world, especially in football clubs.

We showed you the list of the most successful football clubs with online casinos as their sponsors. Are you surprised to see some names on our list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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