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Top 5 Football Clubs With Casino Sponsors


Gambling and sports have a very strong synergy. For casinos sponsoring soccer teams and having athletes as brand ambassadors, is essential in the marketing campaign. Moreover, there are many fans or viewers of the sport who enjoy gambling and betting on sports, so they don’t mind that casinos are sponsoring their favourite team.

However, some feel that this is a bad example for future generations, and they are pretty vocal about their concerns. Unfortunately, banning these sponsorships might have a big impact on the industry, and some teams. Moreover, there would definitely be a shift in the power balance between some teams, as money is used for acquiring talent, bringing new coaches on board, etc. This is why people play in casinos that sponsor their favourite teams, they feel they are indirectly supporting the team they love.

Here we will talk about soccer teams that have casino sponsors and that have been performing well throughout recent history. We will also talk about some concerns regarding these arrangements, or the pros and cons behind gambling sponsors.

Real Madrid

This is overall one of the most successful soccer clubs in Europe, and online casinos are competing with one another who will get to sponsor them. Even with Spanish gambling policy, or bans on this type of advertising Real Madrid still has sponsors. Currently, it is backed by a Russian online gambling operator, but they don’t advertise them through printings on jerseys. The promotion is handled through social media posts, special bonuses, and even betting odds. Given the size of Real’s fan base, this is a smart move, as they automatically become their favourite operator.

AC Milan

AC Milan won seven Champions League and once again casinos are lining up to sponsor this iconic team. Currently, that spot is filled but who knows what the future holds, once the contract expires. Basically, any Irish real money casino would love to step in and get AC Milan fans on their side. Users often use casinos as their sports betting operator, either to support the team or because sponsors give special bonuses during the matches. So, it’s a win-win situation and users get to play other casino games during the half-time break.

Manchester City

This is the most dominant team in the Premier League, and maybe this time around they will finally get the Champions League trophy. The UK or Premier League is probably the leader when it comes to casino sponsors, as most of the teams are backed by gambling operators. Manchester City has been supported by a sports betting operator for the past two years, and their fans have enjoyed multiple giveaways and promotions over that time period. So far, it looks like they are happy with this relationship and if they get the title back home it’s possible some of these terms will be renegotiated in the future. After all, you are partnering up with the champion.


Everton is another English team that has a strong sponsor, and they have been partners since 2017. This is a gambling company from Africa, and it’s the only Premier League sponsor from this continent.

declan rice west ham

West Ham United

Although this team is not regarded as one of the elites, they are still very popular in the EPL. They also have one of the most reputable betting operators as their financial partner, and they have been collaborating since 2015. You can find out more on their official website, but this is basically the biggest deal in the club’s history and they are proud to have landed such a potent financial partner.

Pros and Cons of Casino Sponsorships

As mentioned this is a controversial issue, mainly because there are people who struggle with gambling addiction. However, casino sites promote responsible gambling, and comply with all of the regulations, in order to create a safe environment for everyone. It’s undeniable that there have been problematic outcomes in the past that had to do with online gambling, but people often overlook the positive aspects such as:

  • Growth of their favourite teams
  • Charitable causes organized by casinos to help people and the environment
  • Better choice compared to alcohol and cigarettes sponsors
  • Taxing these businesses supports the local economy

If online gambling didn’t play such a huge role in the economy it simply wouldn’t be around. Moreover, even ancient civilizations played luck-based games, so it’s in our nature to test our luck. Of course, normalizing this behaviour and potential addictions are always going to be bad but that’s why there are regulations that are getting more strict every year.  Moreover, the countries that gamble the most have a lot of disposable income, so only a small portion of the entire player base has addiction problems.


These were some of the famous teams but there are many more that are sponsored by gambling companies. Teams like Inter Milan, Manchester United, Chelsea, Napoli, Bayern Munich, and others all have strong support, and any one of them deserved to be on the top 5 list. We are likely to see this trend continue in the future. After all, more countries are making online casino games legal, and new operators will continue to appear on the market. The situation is similar in other sports, especially in Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, and Cricket. There are downsides to these arrangements, but ultimately it’s our responsibility to be disciplined. So, always gamble responsibly.

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