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Let’s talk about diversity

Here we have an infographic which looks at diversity in football and details what percentage of each Premier League’s squad is made up of England talent

jack wilshere arsenal

Jack Wilshere: A rare English player in Arsenal squad

Arguably no sport is talked about more in the media than football. Every day it seems there is a new controversy, a new story, a new debate to be had. Tuesday’s transfer deadline day was the most recent of such days in the football calendar and, as usual, it had its fair share of drama.

Leaving that aside, we are today focusing on a much deeper, more fundamental & far broader issue; namely that of footballer diversity in the Premier League. We have all heard it before; “there should be more English players in the Premier League”. This debate crops up nearly every year and rightly so, because it matters to people. Indeed, because it matters it produces controversy.

Let’s get some facts on this first, though. Profit Accumulator, a unique website specialising in making the most of matched betting, have produced an infographic which details the diversity in the Premier League using data from last season’s squads.

What they found was truly fascinating. Burnley, Leicester and QPR came in the top 3 whereas Stoke, Arsenal and Chelsea are in the bottom 3 for the % of English players in their teams. Have a look & see where your teams are on this list.

Diversity in the Premier League

Diversity in the Premier League [Infographic] by the team at Profit Accumulator


Maybe you are of the view that we need more English players in our Premier League – the argument that has been going for years & will continue to do so. Or perhaps you feel that the inclusion of this internationally diverse range of players will inspire your team (and, indeed, the league as a whole) to push their standards still higher.

However you feel, it is important to recognise this issue. Now we’ve talked about diversity – it’s time for you to have your say. Comment, share & like this post; however you want to, share your views. It’s time for you to talk about diversity.

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