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Social Betting turns your phone into an ATM

There are many reasons to try the new social betting platform from FanBet, which is a simple way to turn your mobile into an ATM! Find out more here

There are many reasons to try the new social betting platform from FanBet. Firstly it’s a great way to test different betting strategies without the fear of loss, as FanBet is totally free to play.

Secondly it is a great way to win cash for taking a few minutes out of your day to place a social bet. It’s like turning your mobile phone into an ATM!

Here’s how it works. Premier League fans join FanBet for free. You will receive £5,000 Fantasy credits weekly to place bets with. Make your picks and the top 10 fans with the best results share the cash prizes. The game runs every round of the Premier League and the betting platform uses real odds streamed in live time, exactly like a real money bookmaker.

FanBet is a mobile app so you can place bets whilst commuting or sitting on the throne. There is always time to make a quick social wager for the chance to win free cash.

Visit FanBet Social Betting page to sign up and once logged in click the “Play” tab in the bottom right corner.

In addition to social betting FanBet also offers the best tips on the planet, an easy to use Odds Tracker, live scores, standings, chat and Bookie bonuses.

FanBet is the only product of it’s kind to offer such a feature rich experience in one mobile platform. Sign up now to stand the chance to win, improve your betting and stay up to date with all the Premier League action.

FanBet is not a Bookmaker and does not take any real money bets. FanBet is a powerful social betting platform built to provide keen bettors with tips and stats to improve their real money wins.

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