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A Guide To Sports Betting – How It Works

The most popular sport in the sports betting industry without doubts is football. This is your crash course for sports betting.

Sports betting has been around for centuries. However, in the past 50 years or so it’s taken a different form. Bookmakers have become creative with betting markets, the way in which we bet has also changed dramatically with the introduction of the World Wide Web. The most popular sport in the sports betting industry without doubts is football. This is your crash course for sports betting.

Sports Betting – A Source of Excitement

Sports betting came to light since the moment sport became popular in general. This dates way back to the ancient era. However, let’s not get carried away by history, this is not a history lesson. Nowadays sports enthusiast try to profit from their knowledge and experience in sports. They compete against well-established bookmakers, trying to find the most favorable odds and make a profit.

Why sports betting?

Because it’s human nature to predict, analyze and try to get one step ahead of the rest. Sports betting is the embodiment of the human competitive nature. We mentioned competitive odds. Besides major football tournaments which occur every 2 years, including the World Cup and the currently underway European Championship, the Premier League is the most attractive national football competition out of all.

The Premier League and What are Your Betting Options

One of the core features of the Premier League is the high competition level. That said, it’s only football league in which we can see the 1st ranked club being defeated by a club that sits somewhere in the bottom half of the leaderboard. This can’t be seen in other leagues such as the Spanish Primera for instance. Because of this, Premier League matches come with rather high odds from which you can easily make a profit. The bookmakers themselves don’t know who’s going to win, despite having a team of analysts and football experts who get paid for following football matches.

Types of Football Bets

In order to stay competitive, bookmakers are offering various bet markets.

1X2 Betting

The 1X2 betting is the most common and simple type of betting. Novice sports bettors are attracted to this type of bets. The idea of this type of bet is to catch the bookmaker off-guard. For example, in the beginning of the previous Premier League season nobody expected Leicester to dominate and crush top-notch clubs like Manchester United or Manchester City. Bookmakers considered Leicester as the underdog and the betting odds were rather high. Those who backed Leicester made considerable profits. Then again, you don’t have to take this risky path and always bet on the underdog.

Double Chance

In order to reduce the risk you can place a double chance bet. It’s exactly what you think it is. For example, if you think that the match can take on an unusual turn of events, you can opt for a draw-no bet. Let’s say Leicester is encountering Chelsea. You know that Leicester will win, but you suspect that Chelsea can be a tough nut to crack and it might end with a draw. Bet on Leicester for a Draw no bet. If the game ends without a victor, you will have your total bet amount returned, ergo the name double chance.

Both Teams to Score

This is a favorite among a lot of sports betting enthusiasts due to the high occurrence. Why? Well, if one team has a 3 goal lead they usually relax, try to bring down the tempo. Once this happens their opponents can swarm their goal, eventually scoring a goal. Both teams to score come with the lowest risk, but the odds are not that attractive as well. Since the Premier League is one of the most competitive ones, both teams to score is beyond reasonable bet in many occasions.

Correct Score

The riskiest bêt to place, but also the most rewarding one. Predicting the correct score of one football match may seem difficult, but once you’re in business for some time you’ll realize it’s not that hard after all. Then again, it does require a lot of experience, skill and courage to go for the highest correct score odds.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is an advanced version of the 1X2 betting where the goal difference matters. For example, you place an Asian Handicap bet on Leicester to beat Chelsea with a 2 goal difference. A draw bet is not an option. If Leicester fails to beat Chelsea with a 2 goal lead, you lose. The chances get slimmer, but the odds get bigger.

Goals Bets

Bookmakers can be very creative when it comes to bets which outcome depends on how many goals are going to be scored, who will score the first goal, when will the first goal be scored, what team will score first, etc. These are some unorthodox bets that should be left to the more experienced. If you’re about to start your first ever sports betting adventure you better stay away from these for a while.

Over/Under Bets

Over/Under includes everything from goals, corners, cards and you can even bet if the goal count will be an even or an odd number. If you have a hunch that there’s some kind of pattern you should look into these bets.

Half Time/ Full Time

A simple explanation of this type of bets will be that you’re treating the 1st halftime as one match, but the final score still matters. You can bet that the host will have a goal lead in the 1st halftime and they will win the game. On the other hand, you can bet that the first halftime will end up with a draw and the away team will win. Huge turnarounds come with the highest odds. For instance, Manchester United is the host, Leicester is their opponent. You can bet that the score after the 45 minute mark will be 1-0, but the game will end with a 1-2 score. The odds are beyond your imagination.

For the time being you should focus on these bets. There are other special bets such there is going to be a red card, a penalty, or even a missed penalty.

Sports Betting Bonuses – Make The Most of Them

We’re perfectly aware that you might be hesitant about sports betting. However, there are some treats that can push you to give it a try. These treats come in the form of sports betting bonuses. Online bookmakers are offering various opportunities that can make your sports betting adventure cost effective.

Types of Sports Betting Bonuses

They certainly come in different shapes and sizes. Bookmakers can be very creative when it comes to rewarding their trusted customers.

Free Bets

It is exactly what the name says. A free bet gives you the opportunity to bet on a selected range of betting markets for free. Free Bets give you that push you need to go for the unorthodox markets with lucrative odds.

Bonus Money

Let’s say you make a deposit of £20. There are bookmakers that will match your deposit giving you additional £20 to bet with. That’s double the funds to bet with.

Increased Odds

A sportsbook will usually offer increased odds for major football derbies like Arsenal vs. Chelsea, Manchester City vs. Manchester  United, etc. However, the difference between the regular odds and the increased odds usually gets paid in the form of Free Bets.

Where To Bet?

Over the years a number of bookmakers managed to stand out from the competition by providing customers with generous rewards, competitive odds and top-notch customer support. Some of these are Bet365, Ladbrokes, Bwin, BetVictor, William Hill, Bet-at-home and Paddy Power. The list is a lot longer, but these have become a benchmark, a role model for new bookmakers that join the sports betting market. These popular bookmakers are offering odds for a lot of different sports, but football is the undisputed leader attracting the biggest customer share. One of the main advantages you’ll have by joining a popular bookmaker is the opportunity to bet on all sports you can imagine. Besides sports betting, you can enjoy in other types of betting.

These bookmakers have expanded so much they’re now part of other industries like online gaming. There are bookmakers that have their own casinos, like Dublinbet for instance. Casino games such as slots, are a simple yet very amusing form of online gambling. The game offer goes across a lot of different types of games such as table games, card games, video poker and many more.

Before you decide where you’re going to bet, consider the bonuses, the odds, the treatment you can expect as one of their customers and most importantly, make sure the sportsbook is licensed. Having a casino section is just another benefit.

Remember to bet responsibly, regardless of the type of bet you’re placing. The prizes are real, but so are your money. Don’t forget to claim the aforementioned bonuses, otherwise you miss out on free betting opportunities.

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