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How to Make Money Betting on Football

We have cherry picked some of the most important tips to ensure you are a constant winner when betting on football.

Do you want to make money by betting on football games? It can be a simple and straightforward way to supplement your earnings but betting on sports is a risky affair as there is a chance you can win or lose.

It is a good idea to listen to advice from the experts, like those at, when asking how does sports betting work. Knowing this is the most significant strategy to helping you become a winning bettor. Betting is all about getting the best value for your money, understanding the right markets, prices and time to place your bets. We have cherry picked some of the most important tips to ensure you are a winner.

  • Know Your Game In and Out

If you’re betting on football, you need to know the two teams that are playing inside and out. Not only do you need to have an in-depth knowledge of their form heading in to the game, but you also need to know as much as possible about their squad and playing style. 

Getting this information will inform your choices. It’ll also prepare you for making the best bets.

  • Separate Your Money

Your finances are the most important thing to manage so have a budget and stick to it. Separate your betting from your everyday money. You would be playing a very risky game if you stake all of your disposable income on a football match. What would you do if you lose?

Once you’ve separated your betting money you need to manage that fund carefully. Don’t blow all your money on the first game. It’s far less risky to spread your bets over a number of sessions and not putting all your eggs in one basket. 

  • Be Disciplined

Never place a bet without doing your research. Betting blind or on a ‘feeling’ is a common mistake made by regular punters and it’s a sure-fire way to lose your bankroll, fast! Just because you like the look of a team or team, doesn’t mean you should place your hard earned money on it. Stick to what you understand. Don’t waiver.

Also, consider the size of your bets. If your betting fund contains £500, any bet that stakes more than 5 percent of available funds is too much.  Betting is a risky affair. Losses will occur irrespective of who you are. Prepare yourself for this. If you don’t, you’ll be chasing losses.

Chasing losses is a common phenomenon when people lose their bets. At this moment of negative emotion, people tend to place a risky bet in the hope of making up their previous losses but the chances are you’ll lose that bet too. 

Don’t chase your losses. If you lose, take time to relax and think long and hard before placing another wager.

  • Make Fewer Selections

Higher selections in your bet increase the possibility of earning more money. Unfortunately, it also raises the chances of losing. If you want to make money from betting on football accumulators, think smart and small, not big.

Where possible and the odds are favourable, one selection is enough. If you’re going to create multiple bets in an accumulator, then don’t exceed three or four selections no matter how tempted you are.

  • Don’t Bet With Your Heart

As an ardent supporter, you’ll always want your team to win and those rose-tinted glasses can sometimes lead you in to making poor betting decisions. Before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself your team is going to beat the champions away from home and you put money on it. This is a quick road to losing all your money. 

Most betting sites love a loyal fan as they know supporters who back their team will eventually lose their bankroll. Always bet with your head, not your heart. 

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