All bets were off in the Champions League final

By on June 5, 2019

It is hard to say how much money those who bet on the Champions league final either won or lost, simply because those stats are not made public. But one thing that’s for sure – there was a lot of money changing hands around that game in Madrid. Britain, after all, is one of the premier sports betting markets in the world, with thousands of betters placing regular bets on their team throughout the year.

Which is why it’s not surprising that the final of the Champions League was a game that attracted huge interest in the betting markets given the showpiece event was contested between two English Premier League clubs; Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.  Many bettors decided to take betting tips from some of the most famous and reliable betting recommendation sources, while others decided to stick to their gut on choosing the outcome of the game.

You tend to get two types of bettor. Those who bet based on statistics and are looking to find an edge in the odds to make a profit, or those who bet purely on emotion and back their team no matter who they’re up against. No doubt there were thousands of optimistic Tottenham and Liverpool fans who backed their team last weekend.

Britain in the Champions League

They say the casino always wins but perhaps last Saturday night was an occasion when everyone was a winner, no matter who lifted the trophy. The match was an all-English affair so the winner was guaranteed to be from the Premier League meaning British football was well an truly back on the European map.

A British team hadn’t won the Champions League since 2012 and our record in the competition in recent years has been poor by our standards so it was great for the world to see British football is back where it belongs – at the pinnacle of European football once again. The final wasn’t as exciting as many had predicted with Liverpool coming out 2-0 victors and it wasn’t the result that many bettors would have predicted, but it was still a great night for everyone associated with British football and for that we should all be proud.


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