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Sports Betting FAQs to Know About

To help you new gamblers understand the industry, here are a few important FAQs related to sport betting:

According to Statista, sports betting industry was worth $90 billion by 2017, if we consider the amount that’ll be in circulation. This means that sport betting is growing each year and a lot of people are willing to take huge risks when betting on their favourite sports.

There are many reasons why a growing number of people are now entering the world of sports betting. If you also want to jump on the bandwagon, you must first know what sports betting is and how it works. If you enter without proper knowledge, you will not be able to win big.

To help you in this regard, here are a few important FAQs related to sport betting:

What’s The Age Limit To Be Able To Bet On Sports In the US?

While the legal age to gamble and drink is 21 in the US, the age limit varies from state to state when it comes to betting. However, the common age limit to be able to bet on sports is 18 years. Still, it is recommended that you check with your state authorities to be sure. In the UK, the legal age is 18.

What Amount Of Money Is Placed As Bets By Americans?

It cannot be said for sure because a lot of gamblers prefer illegal means of betting which generates $380 to $400 billion a year in the US alone. Legal betting on the other hand is said to be about $90 billion.

What Are Sportsbooks And How Do They Make Money?

The establishments that deal in taking bets from gamblers and pay out winnings are referred to as Sportsbooks. They make money by charging a commission on each bet they accept from a gambler, just like charging for a service. These commissions are also called vigorish or juice. No matter if the gambler wins or loses, sportsbooks are making serious money.

Is Sports Betting Legal In US?

Yes. On a national level, individuals may make bets on sports and it wouldn’t be taken as a crime, says the federal law. However, individual states may have their own laws as sports betting is illegal in a few states. Therefore, make sure you learn the rules of sports betting of your state to avoid any future problems.

However, most of the betting done in the US is carried out in illegal ways. According to reports, for every $100 that is placed on a sport, $99 are bet illegally via online bookmakers. Still, legal betting is safer which is why we recommend that you try a site like

Best Sport(s) To Bet Upon?

Stats say that sportsbooks lose more money on baseball games than any other. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go for baseball betting if you’ve no knowledge about that particular sport.

Always choose the sport which interests you and also which you have knowledge about. This ways you can have higher chances of winning.

What Is Live Betting And Should You Bet On It?

Any betting on a sports game that is placed during the game is called live betting. Live betting has an upper edge because you can stay updated on the score and decide how to bet and which team to bet on.

While live betting is great, there is a drawback as well. The vigorish is too high (commission of sportsbooks) and the longer you wait to bet in a game, the less money you’ll earn.



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