Comparing Gambling At An Online Casino to Betting On Football

By on September 29, 2019

With the latest technological advancements, there is now an increased availability of affordable internet connectivity, computers, as well as internet-enabled phones and tablets. In consequence, this has taken the art of gambling to a whole different level of flexibility, convenience, not to mention discretion.

From football betting to online casino games and all things between, there is literally no type of mainstream gambling that is now not available online. 

Online convenience has effectively revolutionized gambling. In fact, provided you have attained the legal gambling age, you are free to enjoy any betting among other various gambling activities on your devices.

That said, while gambling is indeed a vast industry, online casino gambling and football betting are among the most popular forms of gambling that have revolutionized the online gaming sector.

Owing to their prominence, it is essential to understand each of them and how they relate. In this excerpt, we will discuss and compare these two primary categories. 

Let’s begin…

1. Ease of Getting Started

Typically, when it comes to online casino gambling, getting started is quite straightforward.  Essentially, the most challenging part is selecting the game(s) to play.  Online casino gaming offers a flurry of games to pick from with some games better compared to others. 

Online casinos comprise numerous games which mandate for little or no skill like bingo, video slots, scratch cards, and keno. Casino gambling affords you the luxury to bet on various games that require virtually no previous experience or background to get a good outcome.

For example, if you play online (real money) slots, you might win a jackpot by merely doing several spins despite being the first time you play the game. 

In contrast, though, numerous serious football bettors will attest to the fact that they do some degree of research to achieve more favorable results in their bets, especially with the analytics era onset. 

For instance, if you are betting on a football team during a given tournament, you need to consider the team’s previous results, the effect of the injured or new players, home advantage, or even the team’s overall morale going into the game.

In essence, unlike online casino gambling, football betting goes beyond just choosing a team and subsequently making your bet! To achieve your desired outcome and profit from it, you must invest time in data and research.

As such, if you are starting, it is vital to understand that there are varying betting systems for various sports and hence the need to take time to get familiar with these systems before you place a bet. 

2. Virtual vs. Human Aspect

With online casinos, the games run on special RNG software; but when it comes to football betting, the betting odds are solely determined by distinct bookmakers. Top-rated virtual casino games at prominent casinos utilize modern RNG (random number generation) software in generating their outcomes.

This unique software guarantees that every dice roll, reel spin, the number revealed, or card dealt is entirely (100%) random hence unexpected and unpredictable.

On the contrary, when it comes to football betting, a match of a match or game are determined by bookmakers and are usually subject to change depending on numerous variables.  They can include current standings, present form, injury statistics, game venue, weather among other factors.

Nonetheless, despite this unique difference, there are no guarantees whatsoever since betting merely is gambling!

3. The element of chance

Finally, as earlier mentioned, much of online casinos are usually about how lucky you are. Whether it is where the reels halt at, the card combination you pick, or even where the ball eventually stops.  Contrastingly though, football betting is much different.

With football, whilst there are varying opinions about the best teams or favorite players, there is however a distinct way of determining a better team or player, as well as how a game will go. How? You have all the necessary details beforehand, and if you use it wisely, you can bet more intelligently.

This is arguably the primary difference between betting on football and online casino gambling. In essence, your chances of predicting a better bet are more when you are betting on football than when betting on online casino games.


In summary, while there are numerous differences and similarities between football betting and online casino gambling, whether they are similar or not is dependent on how you play.  All in all, ensure that you bet responsibly!



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  4. Cole Rider

    October 1, 2019 at 10:04 am

    Despite the similar nature of casino gambling and betting on sport, they require totally different strategies. Playing poker, you have to be keen on math and calculation. Betting on football, you have to know which strong and weak points each team has. All preferences depend on the gambler background.

  5. Isoc Makin

    April 1, 2020 at 2:36 am

    Well, while the terms are different, the meanings are the same. There are no winners in gambling,

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